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  1. No, it is not a stupid question at all: my apologies, I did not include all the detail. When I worked in-world with a helper from this site previously, I tried a number of different animation-stopping devices, as well as the simple "stop all animations" from the menu.
  2. The problem persists in every sim I go to. The problem started when using the Firestorm viewer, but persists when using the official Second Life viewer and Phoenix. I only loaded Phoenix in order to use the animation explorer in that viewer (not present in the other two), after advice.
  3. I crashed while sailing a boat. Since then (weeks ago), I have been unable to stop the animation. I have tried everything, including working for over an hour with one of the helpers from this support site. I have tried stopping all animations, taking everything off, teleporting to another region, using three different viewers (phoenix, Firestorm and the sl viewer) on 3 different computers under 2 different operating systems (Linux Ubuntu and Windows 7). I have tried a character test, and I have identified the animation as running in the Phoenic animation manager, but been unable to stop it. The problem does not affect my alts, and the problem is visible to other residents. I have tried clearing caches, resinstalling the viewers (ding clean installs). When I worked with the helper from the support site in-world, we were forced to the conclusion that this was a bug in second life, but the issue has been turned down and will not be treated as a bug because it affects just the one avatar. I have attempted to register this as a case requiring technical support, but the classifications on the support case form cannot match the circumstances and the site makes it clear that incorrect classification will lead to rejection of the issue, and I really don't want to waste more time. Maybe I am missing a simple way to get this issue through? I am desperate for an answer: how do I obtain help with sufficient knowledge and tools to do the job and solve this for me? Update: To clarify: 1. this problem persists in each and every sim I enter. 2. The problem started when using Firestorm, continued when using the second life viewer and continued when using Phoenix. I only used Phoenix as it was suggested to me to do so because it has an animation manager available from the menu (which the other two viewers do not) 3. I have used many devices which are intended to stop animations. One was suggested by a helper here, which i have tried. I did a character test, detached and took off everything, checked that the ao was removed and turned off, then attached the device. It showed one animation running which was stopped, but then re-started. Further update: I carried out a character test, detached and took off everything, moved sim to one that I had not visited for a while, then logged out, deleted all the files I could find that had been generated by Firestorm, logged back in and attached the magic wand to stop animations. After detaching it and reattaching it, the animations stopped. I logged out and back, to find the animation still stopped. I teleported home to find the animation started again (my home is 2 sims from the boat crash). When I teleport to another sim, the problem persists: however, it appears that it is only in my home sim that the problem is started: so now it is just(hah!) a case of finding the object causing the problem. Many thanks to those that helped, and I guess we all hope that the second life code will be adapted to avoid this type of problem.
  4. To START: I have tried everything to stop the animation from kicking in quite often. It happens wherever I am, whatever I am wearing/not wearing. I have tried relogging countless times, stopping all animations, clearing cache, uising an object designed to stop all animations, rezzing the boat, sitting on it and standing, resetting the avatar to the basic one, removing all attachments and resetting keys in the advance menu. This started 3 days ago and is still going on. It happens on several machines that I use (desktop and laptops). My animation override helps, by cutting down the number of times the boat-sit animation occurs, and sitting on a poseball stops the problem. AND THEN: OK, I tried the suggestions. I used "reset default avatar" in Firestorm...then detached all attachments, then removed all clothes..then checked the worn page and found only the default skin, eys etc...which, of course, I cannot take off. I then teleported to an entirely different sim, sat on a poseball and stood, then stopped all animations and then returned home.....to find the problem persists. AND NOW: OK..I obtained a LOT of helpfrom the answers here and then in-world, but to no avail. We were forced to the conclusion that there is a bug in sl that is affecting me: I know that seems unlikely, but there really is no other explanation. I therefore raised a bug in the standard way: only for the issue I raised to be "closed" as "unactionable". That means that I have run out of options, as far as Linden are concerned: I have a problem caused by second life and there is no way they have of helping me: or am I wrong? My avatar is doomed to wander second life in a strange animation: maybe I should try to assuage my grief by spending a lot less of my hard-earned cash in-world and maybe if that keeps happening, Linden might take notice: I doubt it.
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