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  1. I'd like to recommend this scripter. I hired her to help with a HUD and she came through for me quickly and effectively. She listend and could figure out what I wanted. She finished in the time she said she would and in budget. You can't go wrong when you hire her for scripting. Petite Pixie aka Emily Darrow Long term Second Life User, Builder, Designer and role-player.
  2. I love mesh, I do searches for new items almost everyday and almost everyday someone posts a skin or outfit or item that is clearly not Mesh. I Report them all, everyone. Now I know if it's fishnet or stockings or a mesh like item I won't report it because I know some think of that as a mesh, cool. Just today I've found over 20 new items listed as mesh, I've reported them all so don't do it, it will get reported because I support mesh in SL and those who take the time to makes it. It's not fair that their work gets spammed over because some loser wants to be seen where everyone is looking. Want to be seen as a mesh designer go make mesh. Nuff Said! Also I only do a simple word search, Mesh or Rigged or Rigged Mesh.
  3. Looks like Linden Lab in their most amazing feats of intelligence has move this post from MESH building where it had a chance to get spotted by that kind of person with this skill set to this forum. I hope there are DJs, Stripper, Club managers and Escorts who can rig Mesh clothing who would love to make a profitable mesh clothing line.
  4. I make Mesh clothes, mostly slave silks, collars and other gorean types of items BUT.... I am clueless when it comes to rigging and selective textures. I know everyone will say get blender and lean how and it's a nice idea but blander has a huge learning curve and is very complex and I just don't want to spend another year or more just to learn even the basics. I'ts like learning to build a Boeing 777 to get to the other side of the street. If you know how and would like to share profits with me I'm willing to do make the items and so far it's an open market for this style of clothing right now and possibly a huge one. Even if you already make clothes for your own store this would be another source of income and from what I know not all that hard to do once the meshes are done. Of course there has to be trust and a contract and understanding about who does what and who gets what but all that is negotiable. I have good standing in the Gor community and have marketed items there over the years so that will help out a lot. Let me know if you're interested and have a good working knowledge of Mesh Rigging and even a few examples and references and I'll be happy to provide you with the same. Petite Pixie P.S. I use other 3D apps, none have the ability to set rigging.
  5. I looked into it from the web for flagging items but the closest was false advertising. If I actually see the word MESH on the ad portion I'll flag it in a second but most of the time it's just the keyword and I'm not sure that counts since it's obvious once the page is open it's not Mesh. Just another waste of my time mostly.
  6. As a consumer of nice things I love the potential of MESH but the problem I'm seeing now is everyone selling everything from apples to zebras put MESH in their keyword so their places come up in search and it's frustrating so much I'm about to stop looking for MESH clothes and hair. At worst the places I go both in SL and on the web site have nothing close to MESH and at best they will add a small MESH item to sculpty or just normal prims. It's certainly ruining it for those working hard to make quality times.
  7. Umm what exactly are you asking? It's Adults role playing sexual fantasy... I wouldn't put too much emotional value on it. Have fun pretending and go live your real fears in real life.
  8. Well it seems to be more and more of an issue. Misinformed and paranoid people putting up script counters and using auto-kick items all based on how many scripts you have in use. Many of them just count scripts inactive or not or how much memory they use. What most of them don't do is actually see what kind of impack you're actrually doing in a sim. I wear my AO and sometimes wings or a weapon and as an ex sim owner I've seen what kind of impact it has on my sim which is usually around 1.2% or less but because there's a lot of scripts (lots of little scripts which are passive as apposed to a huge active script badly written) I am getting told by objects to take off all just to go there. So I leave. Good luck with your sims, I have noticed most of these places are empty.... and lag free..
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