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  1. First feedback on the beta viewer, the one where you change avatars not clothes, good for casual visitors to SL but not anyone who enjoys shopping and dressing up their avatars. Had trouble finding anything and it seemed I had to take two steps to do anything I could do in Phoenix in one step, for example moving around. I want to make it clear that if I have to use the default viewer 2 or its ugly predecessors, like the one above, I will be leave SL. I think Phoenix (soon Firestorm) is the viewer of viewers and unless SL decision makers want to start an exodus they need to pay attention to this. A large majority, it seems to me, of experienced users, who invest and build in SL, use phoenix viewers. I can appreciate efforts to make a viewer that is easy for newbies to use but cutting down options as long as advanced viewers remain available for the veterans and tech heads. I feel completely frustrated when I have to use viewer 2 on the occasions when tech issues that can only be straightened out by the official viewer. I am relieved when the issue is resolved and I can return "home" to Phoenix.
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