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  1. Hi siren Galicia here! Owner of TSL-The Siren's Lair™ a virtual store in the business of selling realistic fantasy wears for SL's aquatic fantasy community since 2008! I'm currently inerested in starting a Mer magazine which will cover various topics, issues, trends, gossip, and other misc tid bits of inerest with in the community. However to get started I need a group of persons, who are interested in working on such a project, the job however is not a paid on currently and this isn't because I can't pay it is because I need to see if putting out a magazine at this time will be somthing that catches on. So before I invest deeply into this project and it's workers I have to find out if it will earn an income at all before i can then begin setting payments up for workers. What I can promise is the expierence is new and fun, not many people know of the aquatic fantasy community, and thoughs who do know don't take it very seriously. However that is one of the reasons I'm highly passionet about trying to make this publication happen. I want to show a diffrent side to the community I live in and make it more exciting and fun to be apart of by going aginst the grain and adding just a bit of reality to this fantasy world my community lives in. If anyone is interested in getting together and helping me with this publication I would greatly appreciate it, also if any of you could spread the word along to anyone you know who might be into the idea, it would be very helpful. for further information, questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to IM or NC me inworld @ siren Galicia Thank you!
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