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  1. Whenever I try to set my parcel media url to a streaming video, it does not automatically detect it to be a movie and stays as text/*. It doesn't even play the movie, and simply sits at a white screen. When I use something like an Apple movie trailer, it does detect it as movie/quicktime, but still will not play it and stays as the texture it is supposed to replace. There's no play button or navigation bar or touch action available for either of the two. I have checked both in quicktime, and both open. I have also checked to make sure my media preferences are correct. Does anyone know what might be wrong?
  2. Thanks for the help Peter and JAB! I figured that there wasn't a true way to do it the way I wanted to, but thanks for helping!! Peter, I had definitely considered the idea of using another object in order to advance the slides, and will also look into using key commands. I'll make sure to bring any other questions I have to the scripting forums!
  3. Dil, the (integer a) has (or should have) no bearing on the problem. As for the click action zoom, I am using viewer 2. The problem is not with the coding itself (which compiles and works), but the concept of what I am trying to do is what I need help with.
  4. So I'm trying to make a script that will help ease the usage of a powerpoint-like presentation. Basically, I want it so that the speaker can click the prim and change the "slide", or texture, but so that everyone else will click and zoom in on it. The speaker is a predetermined person, or group of people, whose name I am putting into the script to give them permissions to run the change texture method. The problem I have been running into is the fact that if I wanted to use llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM), I would have to insert that within the touch_start portion of the program, rendering it ineffective. Is there a function or anything that would allow the avatar who touched the prim to zoom in on it, without setting the click action to zoom? My current (not working) script is below: (NOTE: right now I have click to touch set under prim general settings) Thanks for any help you can give me guys!! //From the script library //Writen by Strife Onizuka //http://secondlife.com/badgeo/wakka.php?wakka=LibraryTextureSwitcher float time = 0; integer total; integer counter; next() {     string name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE,counter);     if(name == "")     {         total = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE);         counter = 0;         if(total < 1)             return;         else             name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE,counter);     }     else if(counter + 1 >= total)         total = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE);     llSetTexture(name ,ALL_SIDES);     if(total)         counter = (counter + 1) % total; } default {     state_entry()     {         total = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE);         next();         llSetTimerEvent(time);     }     touch_start(integer total_number)     {         string user=llDetectedName(0);         if(user=="XXX")                              //I'm having a compile problem here..."Name not defined         {                                            //Within scope"             llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM);     //Here inlies the problem: click action being changed             return;                                  //AFTER it is clicked         }         llSetTimerEvent(0);         next();         llSetTimerEvent(time);     }     timer()     {         next();     } }
  5. On the estate I am the owner of, I have a group with allowed access as well as two other estate managers. I also have an alternate account which is in the group, but is not an officer and is not an estate manager. In order to test my landing point, I have been sending him invites to teleport to the estate. However, he bypasses any telehub or landing point and teleports directly to my location. Why is this? Why is the landing point not working? I know I have it set to the right spot!
  6. I am the owner of an island/estate in SL, and I was wondering if there was anyway to allow only certain people to build/modify objects. The people would be a part of a larger group, and I would only want, say, 3 out of 30 to be able to build/modify objects. Is there any way to do this?
  7. So I've been attempting to produce a script that will cause objects to light up when it is night, and turn off when it is day. I figure it would be an easy matter to modify the given script on the SL Wiki to do this: integer lightsOn = -1;//not TRUE or FALSE CheckSun() {     vector sun = llGetSunDirection();     integer turnLightsOn = (sun.z < 0);     if(turnLightsOn != lightsOn)     {         lightsOn = turnLightsOn;         llSetPrimitiveParams(); However, it has been causing me some trouble. I have some basic object-oriented program experience, but not very much, and am currently struggling to correctly modify this script. As of right now, what I am trying to make work is below, where I am simply attempting to make sure it can differentiate between night and day, but I can't even get it to compile correctly. integer lightsOn = -1; default {     touch_start(integer total_number)     {         vector sun = llGetSunDirection();         integer turnLightsOn = (integer)(sun.z < 0);         if(turnLightsOn != lightsOn)         {             lightsOn = turnLightsOn;             llSay(0,turnLightsOn);             llSetPrimitiveParams();         }     } } Please advise! either on making the script I am attempting work, or even if someone knows of a/how to do the script I am looking for!! Thanks!!
  8. Thanks! I hadn't realized the SL site and the Xstreet site were seperate, so I was looking at my Xstreet account.
  9. In game, in the top right it says i have approx L$2,500. I know for a fact I have funds, as I am a member and have not logged in for two weeks, and so will have gotten some "allowance". I also initially bought myself L$1000, so I should have AT LEAST that. however, in my account and on Xstreet SL it says I have L$0, or insufficient funds to buy something that costs L$15. why is it doing this?? does anyone know how i could fix it?
  10. THANK YOU! I had been working in "About Land" area, I had never looked at that portion. The lack of "Allow public access" and "Allow direct teleport" would definitely be a problem haha . Thanks to all of you!
  11. My apologies, it is "Carney". Thanks for trying to help, I will look through the region settings and take it up with Linden.
  12. I will ask for confirmation later, but for the teleport I seem to recall it was something simply like "Teleporting to that location is unavailable"
  13. As far as I know, I am the estate owner. I bought this land and I don't own any other land, and I have full ownership. I have never added him to a ban list.
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