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  1. Already has a beautiful build on it. Sim name is Teaghlach. Message me in game to come and view the sim and discuss buying. Just paid tier to Linden Labs for the month.
  2. Hello reader, This private sim is owned by ZoHa Islands. It is a full sim, 30k prims. The weekly rental is 16,650 which is among the best in the SL rental world presently for 30k prim sims. The current tier is paid for the next 24 days as of this posting. I am willing to let it go for 40k (which will give you the next 24 days) and then you'll continue your following tier payments to ZoHa. If you have any questions, reach out to me in game. Benjamin Dulce. Or reply here. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey there, In the market for a full prim (prefer 30k prim, but will consider 20k prim) sims. Message in game to Benjamin Dulce or autumnraineskye if I am offline. Have money ready right now. Thanks!
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