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  1. no, it's not the window in front of it. it passes through to click whatever is behind it. because when you change the transparency or texture, you're no longer able to click what's behind it.
  2. i have used the Saten cafe set by Roiro, and you can click through the glass, and the glass looks like glass (not just completely transparent)... unfortunately that set doesn't work with the aesthetic of the cafe i'm currently building. so i know it can be done and still look like glass, i just haven't figured out why i can't. a friend of mine came by to take a look at it, and she says it has a high LOD which could be making it harder/impossible to click through. i really have no idea and i'm still learning.
  3. i am so close to just taking a bat to this display glass, i swear! lol all of your suggestions really, really sound like they should do the trick, but for some reason it's not letting me still. and i'm sure it's just one simple little thing that's stopping it from being click-through. i made the entire linkset phantom, so i can walk through it now, the glass itself is set to physics shape "none" and i still can't click through. i did send a message to the creator of the glass, maybe he has a solution. if he gets back to me, or i figure out how to get the glass to be click-through, then i'
  4. i checked the counter and at first it was convex hull physics shape type. then i changed it to "prim' and neither made a difference. i'm not sure if it is a solid object or a frame surrounded by empty space. i did try to unlink the display and link it to a simple cube i created so see if that would somehow make it click-through, but it didn't either. i really appreciate you trying to help me. i suppose i could get a different counter, but i have a tight prim allotment where the cafe is going and this one is pretty low prim (while looking nice). i'm just not sure why it's not working. i've
  5. hi! upon further research, it does appear that the pass touch function wouldn't necessarily apply to what i'm trying to do. but, i did learn about a new LSL function so that was helpful! previously i had unlinked the display glass so i could work on it alone, so it became its own root prim. i have now relinked it to the rest of the counter (like it was before with the glass as a child link) and i edit linked the glass only to make that prim's physics shape "none". unfortunately, i still can't click through the glass. also, thanks for the suggestion about the menu!
  6. ok.. i will give that a try tomorrow. it's getting late here, but thanks for your help! i gave it a quick read and it looks like it could be a solution. i really appreciate the help!
  7. hi everyone.... i have a cafe display counter that i'd like to put my items for sale on. but, i can't click through the glass. is there a way to modify the existing glass or create click-through glass without making it 100% transparent? i tried making it phantom and it didn't work. thanks!
  8. i had no idea what the cost would be. but i wrote out a detailed notecard explaining what i need/would like. he quoted the L8,000, then after we worked out more details i found out the rezzer and de-rez aspect would increase the price. but we agreed on the work he would be willing to do at the L$8,000 price. i'm ok with the system he started, it's just not completed so i was looking into other options so i could get up and running. if the L$8000 project was finished, i'd be a happy camper because i can work with that. i do have what he sent me, i'm just not entirely sure what else needs
  9. hi Rolig, thank you for taking the time to respond to me. the scriptor actually got like 90% of the work to me pretty fast, like the next day sorta fast. his price for including the rezzer and the ability to de-rez items would have been L$20,000 and that was waaaaay more than i wanted to spend. however, he said i could get a full-perm multi-item rezzer and then everything would be only L$8000 for what he needed to do. i have the rezzer, but i haven't heard back from him to complete it. so i have a half completed item, and people still have to pay for each item they want to attach/rez. whi
  10. hi everyone, i hope i'm asking this in the right place, but i figured this would be a scripting question. i've opened a cafe and i need a solution for the menu offerings. i hired a scriptor (and paid), but i haven't heard from him in 20 days and i really need to progress on the project. i need something like a tabletop menu that people can click which will provide them a drop down menu of what's available. some of the foods will need to be rezzed in front of them and eaten with a spoon/fork etc).. while other foods will be eaten out of hand. i'd like the handheld items like drinks or
  11. hi again.. i am SO pleased with the huge influx of responses to my request for DJs and Hosts/Promoters. Due to the influx of inworld IMs i'm receiving from this post, i'd now like potential applicants to leave me a notecard regarding these positions. i know notecards are a pain, but my IMs are getting capped and i want to make sure i am able to get back to everyone. i've selected a few DJs and a couple of hosts.. i still need a good promoter so please leave me a notecard with *promoter* as the subject title. thanks again everyone for contacting me.. just don't forget.. notecards, notecar
  12. Hi everyone. I own a Resort Hotel & Spa with a detached club/lounge on the property. We only opened our doors a couple of months ago and renting guests have been requesting a schedule of live entertainment lately. Considering that it wasn't my intention to have a *club* per se, I am not familiar with this aspect of Second Life. I would like to ultimately have daily entertainment (so this is an opportunity for more than one promoter or DJ) and to host themed parties, but we can start with weekend entertainment. Our current events are well-attended, but I'd like to see it go to the next leve
  13. sorry for the delay. i was away from the computer today. the *ins* key was the culprit.. i won't even lie, i had never seen that key before. on my laptop it's on the 0 key on the number pad. thank you both, you guys saved my sanity. btw, i had no idea where to post this, but i'm glad you two helped me out!
  14. hello.. i'm having a problem editing notecards that i've made myself. i made a few notecards for my hotel rooms and some of the cards can be copied (either by taking a copy or cutting and pasting the text) so i don't have to make a whole new notecard for each room. the problem is, whenever i go to actually make changes to a new notecard (with cut and pasted or newly composed text) it starts to type over the already present text. whenever i hit enter to make a paragraph break, it will eat up the current text letter by letter. space bar even types over/eats up the text until i basically have to
  15. oops.. bad translator.. i hate restriction, maybe it's just in my neighbour, so i only get land with places where i personally agree witht he covenant it should say.. i hate restriction, maybe it's just in my nature
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