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  1. Thank you, Gaia ! In fact, it will not be necessary, i have more or less found a solution to my problem. In the "Fitting" panel, the dropdown menu was on "Fitting Preset", i'm switched on Fully Fitted and it fixed the problem. Finally, the concern is that my weights was slightly modified : those on the rigging bones went on the fitting bones and the weights of fitting bones were missing. But, well, it's not too serious, i can replace the weights of rigging and recreate the missing weights of fitting. That's ... That said, it's still interesting to have an answer to this mystery so i'm waiting to see the response i have from the help service of Machinimatrix.
  2. OK ! So for you, it's a bug ? Really, I have no luck ! I'll do what you proposed to me, no choice ! Thank you again for your help ! ;-)
  3. Thank you for your help and your explanations, Gaïa! Unfortunately, i tried to activate the Deform Bones and it gives nothing ! I have all redone in order to be safe. Note that my Deform Bones were effectively disabled. I tried to activate Deform Bones before and after binding the mesh to the armature to make sure. Note that the values shown in the table "Fitting Bone Strength", tab "weighted", remain steadfast to 0.0 however i know they are supposed to be 1.0 by default. Armature not binded and Bone Deform activated :  Armature binded and selected :  Armature binded and mesh selected : 
  4. Hi everyone, (Sorry in advance for my bad english) I have a problem with the re-attachment of the sliders in my mesh under Avastar 1.70, let me explain: I have a body mesh that already have vertex groups and i just want to connect it to my armature as well as sliders deformation. To connect to my armature, no problem, i select mesh and armature and then i click on "Bind to armature [Keep] + [Attach Sliders]". The concern is that once do, I'm handling my sliders, nothing happens. Since i check the "attach sliders" option, i believe they have nothing else to do. However, acquired by conscience, i also tested without checking this option and bonding sliders then, this by clicking on "Appearance SL". Well, the result is the same! Note that i don't fully understand the difference there is between the panel "Appearance Control" dedicated to the mesh and the panel "Appearance Control" dedicated to the armature. Because, indeed, i see that there is a difference: when "SL appareance" button is enabled for the mesh, it is not always for the armature. In short, if someone could enlighten me, thank you ... ;-)
  5. Oh, ok ! I did not pay attention to this arrow ! Thank you, Gaïa ! That said, i tested the shortcut ALT+Q and it works, great ! :-)
  6. I switched to Avastar 1.70 and i still don't see a refresh button ! :-( 
  7. Oh, ok ! Thank you for the information, Gaïa ! I go testing that ! ;-)
  8. Hi everybody, (sorry by advance for my bad english) Here, I have a small problem ... I went from the 1.5.9 version of Avastar at the 1.6-124 version and I have a problem because I can not find the button "refresh shape" for viewing the new deformation when changing the weights. I tried ALT+Q which was the shortcut to activate it but without result. It has the effect of removing my shape keys, nothing else. How is it possible ? Is there a way to get the same result otherwise or the new Avastar version works in a different way ?
  9. Well, it's been a while since I'm not back here but I wanted to thank everyone who came to my aid, especially Gaia because the problem was indeed a problem of superposition of my weight. Limiting them to four layers, my problems of crenellated surface have disappeared. I wanted to thank and clarify it for those who encounter the same problem as me, in the future. Thank you again. ;-)
  10. "You are aware that you can have no more than 4 weights per vertex? From what i can see i suspect that your model uses more than 4 weights per vertex at the jaggy areas of your mesh. The Avastar exporter automatically reduces the number of weights to 4 if necessary. This can result in problems like you see." No, I did not know and I'm really happy to know, this is good news! I will go and put this into application to avoid over 4 influences per vertex. Thank you, Gaia! I would tell you if it worked! :-)
  11. Hello, everyone! I come back here after a few days of absence! Following the last post of Gaïa on this topic, i told myself that i would try to find the source of my problem on my side and i would come back to you if, really, i could not. Well, after a month and a half of effort and testing, the fact is that i stay with my problem on my arms! Yes... I still have not found the source of my problem, and yet i have tried many things. There i am really desperate, you're basically my last resort! http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=834059weightsproblemsnap14.jpg http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=114099weightsproblemsnap15.jpg I still do not understand why these jaggies occur in the surface of my mesh but here's what I found: - It has to do with the way I have my weight because when I adjust them, it improves. - It is related to the weight because when i remove the weights of certain bones (UPPER BACK, LOWER BACK, LEFT and RIGHT HANDLE HANDLE), the problem disappears. Unfortunately, i never managed to remove the aliasing that occurs at waist level because i can not totally eliminate the weight of the legs (and R_UPPER_LEG L_UPPER_LEG). - I thought I hurt my exportais mesh so i entrusted my file to a friend who tried to export my body and it got there without concern, ie that it had no aliasing. Here's the catch she realized: http://www.cac-guitares.fr/stockage/anais1.jpg http://www.cac-guitares.fr/stockage/anais2.jpg http://www.cac-guitares.fr/stockage/anais3.jpg This means that my work is done correctly but a problem arises in the export or import. But which one? Blender, i set my default shape, I put on "no sliders" and verified that shapes my shape keys are deleted. Under SL, I imported normally by simply checking "include skin weight", nothing else! - I thought my viewer might have a problem so I tried to import under the official viewer and the result is the same. - I thought my version of Blender Avastar or perhaps had a problem so I've updated and the concern is still there! That's ... You know all about my problem and you are really my only hope! If you ever have an idea of ​​what could happen this ... Today, I will try to redo everything properly: Reinstall Blender removing preference files, create a blank document and do a "append" with my body. Obviously, I will use the latest version of Blender and Avastar! I would also like to know if it's a good idea to put weight on the bones only dedicated to fitting (and abandon the bones dedicated to rigging)? Thank you in advance for any help, she will be invaluable! If you have even one idea that crosses your mind but are not sure that it can help me, I care anyway!
  12. Hello everyone, Here, I meet a big problem with the creation of my body mesh. It's a problem that I can not explain. So I hope you'll be more inspired than me! Note : I apologize in advance for any grammar or spelling faults on this topic, I use Google to translate because my English is not very good. It's a body fitted mesh, everything seems to work perfectly with Blender but once I matter in Second Life, it will not, the appearance of the mesh is crenellated in places. For you see the best of what it is, here are some screenshots: problem surface mesh - 01 problem surface mesh - 02 And here are some screenshots of my weight, you will see that I have tried to make the proper : weight paints - mPelvis weight paints - PELVIS weight paints - L_UPPER_LEG weights paints - mHipLeft weight paints - BELLY weight paints - BUTT weight paints - LEFT_HANDLE Finally, here's a screenshot of my body mesh with the same body size and position more or less identical to that of the capture in Second Life : placement test Blender You will see that with Blender, I did not encounter any problem. Not knowing whence can this problem, I told myself that there was perhaps a problem with my viewer (Firestorm v. and Windows 7 - 64bit - Home Edition). So I attempted to import into SL with Singularity but the result is the same. I wanted to test an import with the official viewer but I can not go to the Beta grid, the viewer bug, it does not show me the grids menu despite the option checked in preferences. I also tried to make my weight several times without results. In short, I find myself a bit stuck ! Would you have any idea where can come from this? Thank you !
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