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  1. Devils Bend National Park, (A forest sim beautifully landscaped.) Can be yours! We design, landscape and look for people who want to own beautiful sims! To get a sim decorated like this would cost you too much money, most people charge around L$400,000 and up for a full 30k region! Contact me to workout a price, this region is ALREADY decorated, and can be MODIFIED to suit your needs and liking! We strive for the best landscaped sims! http://www.flickr.com/groups/devilsbend https://secondlife.com/destination/devils-bend-national-park SIM NAME: DEVILS BEND
  2. Check out the sim named Devils Bend. It's a forest. Can be modified to suit your needs however you like. Send me a message in world. We can work something out.
  3. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WSC-SLMU-Fixamo/9689608 One click rigs.
  4. Found this tool the other day, its pretty cool. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WSC-SLMU-Fixamo/9689608 It can take anything you rig on Mixamo and convert it to second life compatible skeletons in one click then you import, wallah rigged mesh.
  5. Hello all, May I introduce Fairmount, a new and exciting roleplay sim, It's not your typical, Tropical, or New York sim, but it is unique in it's own. Fairmount is a snowy-town. That has more story and character built in than most warm-climate sims. Check out the teaser trailer and let me know what you think!
  6. Welcome to La Puente for more information click "Spoiler- Show" Or, just click the link to teleport to it now and be suprised. Vist La Puente, an emerging new style of Modern Country Roleplay with a slight urban twist, with many amenities and places to visit. With the pollution in the air and the birds dropping on every car it makes it the perfect place to live. Washing your car every day? Yes! It can't get any better. Especially great because California is in a severe drought, and it's not going to end any time soon.. The people of La Puente are not so friendly, and will try to st
  7. Hello. I'm seeking a third investor, or partner to help bring up the newest most creative roleplay sim yet. It's really something truly amazing, I won't get too deep into details, but it's never been attempted before, not in this mannor. I myself will be paying $6500 + to cover what is needed, I have another paying 6500 a week. We pay in 2week increments, and would love to find someone REALLY passonate and knows there roleplay skills. If you think this is you, then IM me in world @ Aiden Caudron. I'd love to hear from you. The only way us normal people with big dreams for the RP world, is to
  8. Our fair town of Meridian is based in, Los Alamos County, New Mexico, The most realistic country roleplay you will experience in Second Life. With free homes, to live in with your family, rent free, to our one of a kind school district, so your children can learn by the best! Come stop on by and pick yourself a free house! (one per person please.) If you are not here often you will be evicted. Jobs for the parents while the kids are in school. We are looking for many many different kinds of factions and people to run certain departments! Come join us today! Find your house, put stuff do
  9. Hello, I am currently looking for some good advertisers, public relations personnel. Our focus with this is to find YOU out there, that can make our sim well-known around the grid, convince them to stop by, and see how unique we are. Think you got what it takes? IM Aiden Caudron in world. Pay is about 1,000 to 1,500 a week.
  10. Hello. I am looking for some good mesh people who can make mesh buildings for an upcoming roleplay area. If you are interested sent Aiden Caudron a message. [Sample of skills expected ] http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/shop-house-buildings-3ds/344226 Thank you
  11. Hello all, I am looking for mesh builders. I am created a roleplay enviornment which will be all virtually inclined, such as a realistic scripted economy, jobs and more. However for that feel I do need some good mesh builder. One who can make nice low-prim cost buildings with 1 floor. Shops, and some filler buildings and such. I am only looking for people who can create, and realistically texture these builds, by the means of baking and such. no planar mappers please. THIS CAN EITHER BE A PAID JOB P/M (*PERMODEL*)FOR YOU, OR A VOLUNTEER POSITION WHERE YOU WILL BE PROVIDED ESTATE RIGHTS, 7
  12. Interested in being in the next big RP city? the perfect candidate for this can: Texture & Create mesh buildings. Keen eye for realism Can work semi-quickly, and produce atleast 1 build per week/few days Instant Message Aiden Caudron from more information! Needed immediatley!
  13. Hello fellow second life users! How would you like to join into an opportunity to make the best one of a kind roleplay simulator SL has seen to this day. The plan is to make it realistically textured, one of a kind with everything interactable, with full currency, and departments within the city. How would I help this project? First of all, all of our Investors, will have land rights respectfully, and as an investor they will own their own fairshare of the simulator. with that said also gaining a share (depending on how many investors are included) of the profit margin made on the sim. If y
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