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  1. Invisiprims! Oh man I remember those. Absolutely essential for giant robot avs way back when. The alpha av layer sounds really nice!
  2. I blundered into the SL subreddit quite by accident and it reminded me of the great 2004-2007 period in which I was really active in SL. Worked on a bunch of contracts to Nissan USA, CSI:NY, Reuters, etc. on their regions via the Electric Sheep Company. I'm sure all that stuff is all completely gone now. I imagine the Prokofy Nevas, Anshe Chungs, Cubey Terras and most of the other oldbies are long vanished. The hours I spent on IRC... Nostalgia! So, what's truly new across the grid? I logged back on for a few minutes just now and to my utter surprise, my LSL-based items still actually worked fine after a decade. That's actually impressive. What new features and resident dynamics are around these days?
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