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  1. My story starts out all perfectly traditional, but once we committed it evolved into any thing but traditional. My partner and I met way back in 2010, and we have been good friends ever since. In recent years we became lovers, until about January 2019. I started to miss him and think about him more and more, I got to a point and I asked him to be my partner. Took him a little while some days but when he logged in again he said yes, and so began one of the happiest years in my SL his too. Well as we discussed things in one of our usual long conversations the issue came up about our online times, he lives in Australia and I live in the east USA so we see each other a couple times a week. Which is ok since we knew what we were getting into, here is what surprised me. He offered an open relationship because he didn’t feel right leaving me alone a lot, said that he didn’t mind if others shared my company in fact he enjoyed the idea. I agreed however unsure what or how exactly I would do with this, I’m not big on going to pervert sims and picking up random people one %90 of the time they are going to suck and aren’t too good of ppl. Going to cut a lot out to keep this from being crazy long, all in all I found being picky and chatting with possible lovers and if I felt we clicked then we would try more intimate things and this method worked amazingly in some cases. Present day I’ve made a small unlisted hidden invitation only group, there are so far four men and myself as the only members. This is my small circle of special men not simple flings, each is a lover I’ve grown attached to and they to me in our own ways. Each one is one of the most wonderful lovers I’ve ever experienced in my near 10 years in sl, in fact I’m due any time now to give birth to the daughter of one of my favorites. My partner and I are doing amazingly well and are about to move into our dream home on a beach, our hearts belong to each other and we’re perfectly fine with how things are for now. Life is good for both of us, can’t wait to see what’s next.
  2. Ah I suspected as much, oh well I pretty much figured it was far too large for some thing or another lol. Gunbuster is massive, oh well I suppose. Thanks a ton
  3. I'm a former motorcycle builder here, got bored with it and haven't done any thing in some time. Quite a while back I had an idea that excited me a lot and still dose, I have NO idea if it is even doable though as the size and scope of the build would require massive resources, and that is IF it is even realistic in SL. I love anime, and so I love mecha. I was inspired and well I got the idea to TRY and build one, thing is...with me my ideas are usually grand and this one boarders on the insane to me even. The mecha is called a Gunbuster, the technical specs I managed to find on the model is as follows... 240 meters total height or 780 feet. I've asked around and got mixed answers, and the question still gnaws at me. Is this even POSSIBLE to build? And if so what are the cons? Not going to bother if the cons far outweigh any thing good, but I just had to inquire and here seemed to be the very best place to do just that. Thanks in advance.
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