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  1. gosh i stilll have that peoblem n i do everything that i read n hre to fix n it dont work... now i cant even use firestorm or phoenx... n i paid for a whol e year n my renew is in november thissuck i cant enjoy this sl game coz i cant log on .... if u figured it out could u please help me
  2. im having the ssamne problem as you are for the last week or so... i even redid my whole computer n now i cant even download firestorm or phoenix at alll... it send me a message wat is goin on with sl viewers please i really need help...
  3. g i have that same p4oblem for the longest .. i do watever one says n still it load load n load then crashes n keeps tellin me win_crasher_logger.exe stop workin.. i dont know wat to do ... wish some one would help me ...
  4. omg i have the same problem with the new update i install it n try to log on n keeps tellin me win_crash_logger not working.. im not likein this at alll... if u figure it out please let me how u did it ..
  5. in still trinb to log on to sl from my viewer2 after i updated to viewer3 i cant get on sl.. everytime i try to log on it takes me to downloading clothes n it crash offf then i get a message window sayin win_crash_logger.exe has stop working.. could you please help me out coz i do pay to play secnd life
  6. gosh im having the same problem that your having n would like some one to help me fix this problem please....
  7. why is it since i update my sl viewer 2 i cant log in.. it trys to log me on n then it crashes n says crash log stop working can some one help me .. i am a paid player on this game.
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