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  1. Hey there, I have been on sl for nearly 12 years now, crazy I know, and in that time I have done a variety of role plays, either in a sim or private story between friends. I have role played at history sims, urban life, fantasy and action. Over the many years we have all seen these beautiful sims slowly become less occupied and even die out. I decided to stop role playing at any particular sim and just role play with friends for a while, creating our own story line driven by passion, action and the thrill of a detailed para role play. I have sadly been away from sl for a period of time, like so many people, and have been pulled back by the good times which I would love to create again. So I am looking for some para role play friends who share the same passion for a detailed story line. I am open to ideas and would love to meet up and chat with you and see if we are looking for the same thing! Maybe this is the way forward, making role play friends rather than wondering empty sims. Who knows! Please do not contact me if you can not para role play or use text speech to communicate. I am open to sexual adventures too, but please do not assume that is all a story line is. The friendship and connect is more important than the story. Still curious or interested, please contact me. I am around most nights between 3pm slt - 7pm slt.
  2. Hello there.... So I have returned to SL after a bit of time away and looking to get my teeth into a new juicy role play or role play area. It seems to be really hard these days to find people who are up for long term para role plays, or who are any good at it, but I am giving it a shot to find someone or a community who are excited about interesting story lines and immersive characters. A little about me...... Been on SL for nearly 11 years now, crazy how time passes by, so I am well experienced in the do's and don'ts of this virtual world. I have been role playing for roughly 9 years out of the 11, on and off and in different environments, time zones and realities. I have my own home, a small but fun home in the sky to escape to now and again. I love long detailed role plays, if you haven't guessed already, and story lines that survive more than just a night. I like to jump on into a role play with little direction, keeps things open to the possibilities on where a story can go. My favourite things to role play are in modern every day environments and historical/period lifestyles. I tend to stay away from scifi and fantasy now. I am naturally a sub at heart too, so if a dom is looking for an exciting new story with a potential sub then please message me in-world. RL me..... I am in my late 20's in rl based in England. I work evenings mostly, so I am available online between 2pm - 5pm slt. That is all you need to know so far. What I am looking for...... I am looking for someone who has the drive and passion to create great stories and characters. An individual who can write proper paragraphs and some, I don't do line by line role plays. The more detail the better! A person who has had experience with SL with great imagination. No furies, vampires or mystical creatures thank you. Human only. If you feel like meeting up and seeing if we click then don't be afraid to message me in-world, Scaramouche Dryke. I look forward to hearing from you x
  3. Has anyone here experience being the victim of an insincere lover? Have you put your heart and soul into another person online only to find they don't return your feelings? I have had this happened to me and hear so much of this going on I wondered if its as common as people say........ Also, how do you spot the signs of a lover/partner who's feelings have changed or were never there? Tips are much appreciated. And what do you do if that is the case while sparing your feelings? Thanks ^^
  4. Love on Top Magazine is looking for a lesbian couple to feature in their next issue.... Love on Top is a community based magazine that hopes to highlight all of the different aspects of love, sex and relationships within Second Life. Each issue will highlight a different vantage point, corresponding with the theme for the month. Additionally, you will find advice columns, interviews, Second Life destinations and vendors who advocate exclusivity. For April we will be focusing on the LGBTQ Community and hope to report on relationships, hot trends, meet up spots and more. If you are in or have been in a serious lesbian relationship, we would love to hear from you and invite you for an interview. Please contact Scaramouche Dryke inworld to arrange an interview.
  5. ♥♥♥♥ Do you celebrate Valentines day in sl? ♥♥♥♥ If so, what do you do or what would you like to do next year? If not, why not? Just because you done believe in Valentines, hearts and chocolate, or do you find it just weird? Writing an article about Valentines day within second life. Please be aware I may use quotes and shorten names within the article. If you do respond please be aware that your words and first names might be published in the February edition of 'Love on Top'. Thank you.
  6. Hey there, I have recently come back to sl after a spell away, and now looking to get back into some detailed para rp. Been rp'ing for nearly 10 years on sl, so experience is not a problem, it is just finding the people who are serious enough to keep a rp going for an extended amount of time that I find the tricky bit. I am open and into many types of rp, either it be historical, fantasy, urban, family or just partners on an adventure. As long as its a great story line, and an interesting connection/relationship then I am a happy bunny. If your interesting in rp'ing, then please give me a shout. Men and women both welcomed!
  7. Hey there, I am currently on the look out for a brilliant para role player who I can spend the odd evenings with and who I can build a long story line with. Sound interested? Great! I have been RP'ing on sl for about 8-9 years. Love para role playing, the more detail the better. Now I am back on sl a lot more, I was thinking it would be great to role play a long story line again. I am very flexible with what the story line could involve, but for me you must be passionate and have a great imagination. I dont my rp'ing on a particular sim, but I do like to only keep it realistic, no fantasy or non human characters. Think you would like to meet and see if we could hit it off? No problem, just give me a shout and we can discuss ideas
  8. Hello there! :matte-motes-big-grin: Me and my partner are looking for people who want to build a role playing family together. We live a modern present lifestyle, and enjoy role playing day to day lives together in this world with a bit of drama thrown in now and again to mix things up. We are currently engaged and are expecting our first child together who will be born in April (will be looking for a child rp'er after July). We want to build a role playing family, so having parents of our own would be great if anyone is up for being a new grandparent soon :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: We are happy to accept many members within our growing family. So if you fancy being a sister, brother, grandparents, cousins or even friends of the family or if you have a family of your own and you wish to rp with other people then please give us a shout and lets see if we have the chemistry to be a family :heart: We are usually online between 12pm - 5pm slt on weekdays and anytime we like over the weekends :D IM me with a little bit about yourself and what role you would love to take on! Hope to hear from you soon Scaramouche Dryke xxx
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