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  1. ANUBIS WANTS YOU! to join us in our bid for world conquest lol We are a newly formed rp group based in a CCS rp sim called Phoenix Gate, we welcome all new comers providing they have an interest in dark free form rp and are willing to learn the ccs meter system. It is totally free to join us and we are going to have a lot of fun, playing a dark world of Egyptian legends and Vampire lore. I have a couple of years experience in sl rp and hope to share it with those interested. This is not an escort agency, slave place or money making scam We want players to take on roles of Vampires,Lycans,Demons e.t.c. Anything pretty evil and dramatic really Want to know more? IM ZANDRA JAMESON ANUBIS QUEEN Hope to saee you there Luv Zanx
  2. Hi there I am currently recruiting for my CCS rp clan, we are a dark free form rp clan themed around the Egyptian God Anubis We currently have a clan house in Phoenix Gate and welcome new comers. We can set you up with ccs meter system and also full details of what we do. Ours is mainly made up of Vampires,Lycans and Demons, please im me if you want more details Any information I will happily give Thankyou Zandra
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