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  1. Yeah I knew that when I wrote it but thats just my personality, It wasnt my intention to come off as a " gold digger " on SL I'm just very upfront about what I want and what I can provide and thats just me. Some guys can handle it and some can't ya'know.
  2. Hey there my name is Dawn Hammand and I've been on SL for almost 3 years now, I spend most of my time with my girlfriends hanging out and shopping but when I'm not with them I am looking for that special guy on SL. I have always been on the lookout for this guy and now I really do wanna find someone who wants to be with me on SL. I do wanna keep things strictly SL no real life stuff I just think that gets to complicated if you wanna get to know me you can send me a NC or friend request me but I will list some qualities in a guy that I like and some photos of my AVI. --- I like a guy with a s
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