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  1. I moved an item from my received folder but I need it back in received items folder can that be done? Or is there a way to make items go from received items into another folder and is the received items linked to MP as in what is in my received items folder will show up in MP or even if deleted it will show that I have purchased that items on MP? I made a new folder for Received Items to put in and moved them to there but now I can't open that folder but was able to open prior.
  2. I have been using area search for years now and I noticed in the last 3 days its changed I used to just be able to put in like "sal" for "sale" and it would pull anything up that has those lets in it etc now I have to be "specific" and spell correct and such to get it to pull things up is this an issue or do I have a setting off somewhere?
  3. I bought lindens via the exchange and it's already taken the money from my bank but it said 11 hrs to fill that was over 24 hours ago and still have not received my lindens.
  4. I have items that have totally disappeared from my inventory I use to have over 130K and now I am down to 98K something isn't right and alot are items I have bought or got as gifts that are now gone I will attach a photo of my inventory to show the empty folders I have logged in and out at least once if not twice a day and this issus has not resolved it self I have had to if possible get group gifts again if in notices etc but all the others I will have to go and show purchase again and have them resend IF they can even do that. ANY ideas or suggestions or a way to contact SL support about this????? 
  5. This was an accident but I need back into the group is there any way without an invite back from co-owner or redoing group to get back in?
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