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  1. you are right, I get $L500 a week. so my actual cost is about $700.00 Lindens a month. I didn't think of the stipend thank you
  2. i didn't see this thread until i posted this one: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Premium-account-Am-I-wasting-my-money/td-p/1278135 much the same subject. Wow! sl pays some on linden peanuts to build a boat wich then doesn't cost them any thing to pass out infinite copies ane we are supposed to be impressed???
  3. I am coming up on my 6th rez day in May. I have been paying for a premium account since my first week in SL. I don't own a sim or need concierge service. Can anyone give me any good reasons to continue with a premium account? Over the years there has been discussion about log in priority and other technical goodies that seem to never happen. I have had no reason to accept the home land and toy offers given to premium account holders. I just don't see any real value in continuing to pay for the same service that I can get for free. I am happy to continue to pay if I can be shown there is some real benefit and value received compared to a free member.
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