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  1. Hello everyone u am having a issue since I did the update to the new windows 10 the update 1511 one day ago. Inworld the firestorm viewer all the tabs are extremely tiny.The inventory everything,I barely can read or write.But the Huds are normal size and if I incrase the size out of the viewer the icons at office for exemple it works. Maybe someone can help me.Greetings Dave
  2. Hello everyone, i bought a joystick,the Saltek X52 to make sl movies,got it today,now i am at try to figure out the settings,so far all works nice.But i cant move close around like to use ...ALT & Left-Mouse ....to turn around the avatar.Maybe someones can help me please. Thanks for the answer Greetings Dave Wahwah
  3. Hello all, since this afternoon,for a nonknowed reason,every time i want log in the firestorm lastest viewer release,the page crashed a few sconds before its open.Never happend to me this issue,i uninstalled the viewer,installed it several times,without success,still before the firestorm page is open,it crash.Thanks for your help and have a nice day :).
  4. Hi thanks for your answer,yes i am on the last 1102 viewer,i will join this group,thanks.Maybe they know what it can are,or i kick my putter lol
  5. Thanks for your answer,i tryed all,deleted all,but still same,dont know what is,i really never had any issue since i changed my putter and the grafic card,maybe its the last grafic card driver update,it started that day i updated it.:matte-motes-smile:
  6. It dont freeze when i take pics,it can freeze in every momement,somethimes hours nothing and then 2-3 minutes really bad lol,thanks for yoru answer:)
  7. Hello all,am having since 14 days issues with the Phoenix viewer,the screen freezes often,and like you take a pic,and when it happens its really bad,so 2-3minutes,i dotn crash,just the screen is freeze,and only on Phoenix,on singluarity and the normal sl viewer no problems,dont know if its the grafic card,i bought it last years,its HIS Radeon 5870.Thanks for all answers and help:matte-motes-big-grin:
  8. thanks for your help ,i will join that group,and you're right,i unchecked that "enable progressive ......" tab,now all works normal ,yes the 908 having a few bugs,until they bring a new viewer out,i will still use the 808
  9. Hello,thanks for your answer ,the issues are solved,it was a bug after an maintenance restart at my sim ,all works normal now.
  10. thanks for your answer ,i dotn know if its a firewall blocking,i am in sl two years now,and nothing is diferent since yesterday.
  11. Hello ,thanks for your answer,i uncheked it now,will see if it works till i can tp again lol
  12. Dave Wahwah

    Loading issue

    Hello all,i have some loading issues since this morning,the land info's doesn't load,the music stream either,it dont load the buttons,nope voice,when i try to tp sl kicks me out after a few seconds.A other issue since a few days,i need allways to set back the distance in the grafic tab,it goes automaticlly dawn when i tp to a other place. Thanks if someone can help me:smileyhappy:
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