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  1. Sometimes theres no "decline "option

    But thats interesting ;what would happend if you mute yourself ?

    And what is more important -How to unmute yourself ! ???:)

    Next question- I always thoight "Ignore" isnt equal to "Mute " ,so cliking "ignore ! we just ignore it ,while to mute i have mute owner ,right ?


  2. Yes ,this is very common behaviour,especially in your SL beginnings-people ussually  try hard  adjuste avatar appearance to RL looking.

    I remember how much time I spent ,searching eyes in that particular , blue-greyish colour , similar to mine eyes :)

    I'm no t sure how old my avie is looking coz i'm changing skins so often-depends what mood i am in,

    but my recently  favourite skin seem to show me as 24-26 years old , I think



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