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  1. Thanks, Rolig, I did double check everything and I have already changed the password again from the Dashboard. I will try again, anyway.
  2. Hello, I didn't remember my password, so I asked for a reset on the webpage; after resetting it, I can access the webpage but not the official viewer :( Any solutions? Thanks! :matte-motes-grin:
  3. Thanks, Chic, no, I didn't make the mesh dress, as most clothing designers in RL don't make their own fabrics or buttons . As most designers do, I rely on wonderful Mesh creations some of creators make...
  4. Hello, a few weeks ago, I linked three sculpted spheres between themselves and them linked them to a mesh dress on the chest (as if they were pearls). It worked and the pearls behaved correctly when the dress is added to the chest. But now, I'm trying to do the same with another dress and a bow and it doesn't work. Why can it be? I understand that the non mesh item (pearls, bow) "leads" the action, but I'm unable to repeat it :). TY.
  5. Hello, I'm starting making clothes with Mesh, I have a basic question: I bought a mesh kit in with a Mesh item and an Alpha texture (black and white) inside. I have downloaded te Alpha texture to Gimp, but I don't know how to go ahead now.How do I make an Alpha for my clothes? Is this true that the black part must be the transparent one? And which steps do I have to fulfill? Thanks :)
  6. Hello, I have dowloaded recently viewer 3.4.0; my water presets don't work: when I click on World/Environment Editor/Environment Settings/Customize my Environment, and I set Water Setting to Valdez, for instance, and click OK, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? TY. Answer to everybody: wow thanks, I will do everything that you say and once done, I will return here to tell you how it worked. Done and nothing works O_O
  7. Thanks Nalates, you were right, I was wearing sunglasses (I knew this) with anti-push already activated (Ididn't know this), so my avie had a strange hiccup when trying to walk/stay.
  8. Hello :) my friend gave me an antipush, but even if I'm not wearing it, my avie makes strange movements form this day on. I tried to stop movement, but it doesn't work. What can I do? Thanks. Edition to add details as requested: my legs move on their own when I'm not walking. I have tried to Stop All Animations and I'm not wearing anything unexpected :) My viewer is V.3.4.0. Ty.
  9. Wow, thanks a lot! The creator called it UV map: I believe everyone have to learn more about Mesh
  10. Hello, I have just bought a Mesh kit, so I have built a basic Torus and tried to add the UV map to the Sculpt Texture, as I did with normal prims, but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? My viewer is the latest. Thanks :)
  11. Rolig, finally I unclicked something about GL in "Hardware" tab and unwanted shadows are over Thanks for the tip!
  12. Ok, Storm, just checked, shadows are unclicked in Mid settings. The problem remains the same
  13. TY Storm, but I think I have already done this I will check however...
  14. Hello, my graphics settings are usually Mid. Lately I find some unwanted shadows that appear all of a sudden and then disappear like a lighting. I think there was a solution for this is settings but I can't find it now. What can be done? Thanks! :)
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