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  1. Hi everyone, when I go to change my password, they ask for my last billing amount. I havent been billed by SL in a long time and have no idea what the last amount was. Also they ask for friends with Resident names. Do they mean specific names, since there are no clues as to the names they want. Any help is appreciated. (Edit. Issue has been resolved. Thanks for the replies. )
  2. I have a USD Balance on my account. How do I get that transfered to my Paypal?
  3. Now the 20th of December and I have the same problem. I commented on the posted JIRA from LL so I will wait I guess. ARGH!
  4. Thank you for the reply!! I will do that for sure!! Happy Holidays!
  5. I havent added anything to my listing in a couple of years. I dropped in a new poster to the magic box and when I try to use the website to update my listing, I cant get past the Terms Of Service page in My Merchant. I click accept at the bottom and Terms of Service just reappears. Any advice or suggestions? I have closed the window and reopened. Logged out and back in. Done logged in and out of game. I cannot get past that dam Terms of Service page. HELP!
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