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  1. Thank you very much for your accurate information. Rgds, Paivi Shippe
  2. Thank you for both replys - household was indeed the word I was looking for. I tried to find this information on the SL and LL web pages, but didn't - can you point me to the right spot? Or is this something that is not documented, but people just learn to know when they go over the limit?
  3. Two years ago, when I joined Second Life, you were allowd only one free account and you had to pay a fee for additional accounts. Now it says in the TOS (http://secondlife.com/corporate/tos.php) that you may have additional accounts: "You may establish one or more additional Accounts, provided that your existing Account is in good standing and you are otherwise in full compliance with this Agreement." I cannot find anything about a fee for the additional accounts any more, so it must be free. But does the limit of five free accounts per family or per IP-number still apply? I can't find anything about that, either. Does this mean you can have as many additional accounts you need? Is whitelisting of an IP-number for organizations still required? I'm writing a manual for educators and I need to know for sure before I can say anything definite about this. Rgds, Paivi Shippe
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