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  1. Thank you Alwin for answering the question in detail. This is a group where players can ask questions and get answers by those who know. In no way was I suggesting that others do the research for me. I am doing the research by asking more advanced players like you, for solutions to my problem. I will log to LL viewer and remove the RLV trap I'm in. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  2. If Singularity doesn't support rlv, why am I trapped in a rlv bag? I don't have access to my inventory. I can't remove the bag. I can't delete it. If I log to another viewer and turn off rlv, that still wont help me when I log back to singularity. How do I free myself from this bag?
  3. I'm using Singularity Viewer. I went to Advanced-RLVa, but I don't know what to select to turn RLV off. Can anyone tell me?
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    Out of curiosity, I sat on an object that says, "Slave Bag." It sent me another object called slave bag which I wore. Now I can't get out of it. When I click on it, it says, "You have no access." I can't access my inventory. I can't delete the first object I sat on. What can I do to get out of this contraption and be my regular avatar self again?
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