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  1. Thank you Echo message received... I restarted the SIM about 3 days ago.. maybe that started the problem. Will restart the SIM asap! Thank you again.
  2. Any one else with a sim having log in issues like mine? 295 bucks a month and for the last 3 days when my SIM has NO PROBLEM people have contacted me stating they can't TP to my SIM (Red Eye Kingdom) and I also suffer this redirect and for a few minutes I can't TP home. No warning that my sim is having issues and others on my sim have no issue. A report has been sent... just wondering if others have same issue?
  3. The Dragon Empire of Uhre - Bridge (176, 178, 3 This location should put you right in to the heart of the under dark.
  4. Thank you Rhonda, I did a internet search and found anwers from your helpful and knowlegeable response.
  5. 1. Second Life Fashion Design: Using the Templates page 9 states "Eventually, we'll have a tool that will let you easily turn a photo into an avatar's face (no delivery date set yet, so please be patient). ect... will this ever happen? 2. Can we buy a "Advance Builders Version of Secondlife" ? 3. Wouldn't it help each sim, if there was light versions for newbs and people who do not have any interest in building? 4. I bought second inventory and went to the beta grid to upload some of my husbands stuff inworld that I have full permissions on and nothing would load. 5. Do you
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