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  1. I'm Looking for info on copying my Avatar to another realm, Still leaving it in SL just want another lol. I already have the same Name just wanted a Body lol:matte-motes-sunglasses-1: Many thanks to all who have answered. And i am aware of Copy/Trans rules and regs:matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  2. Hello, I recently started having login problems. Once the avitar is logged in, less then 10secs goes by and a error message comes up. Darn you have been logged out ...chk your internet connection. Been there, done that i can go to SL homepage without a problem and many other places, So its not my connection. Im using SL viewer 3xx was working good just a week ago. System has been gone thru with all the cleaners. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Capnjac
  3. Hello, I am having a problem with the destinations guide. The problem is creating the proper size required for use in the destinations guide, its calling for a screenshot 657x394 which it seems cannot be made in SL's Camera. It then needs to be resized in Photoshop or similar prog to be used. Uploaded to flickr, grabbed the link for the image, and the destination guide wont except the image. What am i doing wrong please help Thank you CapnJac Blazer
  4. Hello Last i knew, What ever is in the land will be in the Air . But it may have changed
  5. How do i find a Group uuid in the SL Viewer 2 ver 2.6.3?. i know how for an Avi, but i need Group Numbers to send out Ads to. some things were just easier, back when ya knew what to expect in this crazy world lol Thank you for any Help :) Kudos to Rolig and Griffin, Rolig the script is Great TY
  6. Hello, Has anybody had a prob with the little IM window tabs on the right hand bottom being black? they were profile pics before the upgrade to 2.6.6 :( . any help would be appreciated Ty
  7. You need to install the Fonts you want....in your fonts folder then SL will see them. Also if things have not changed lol they have to be ASCII also known as Ask U, last i knew SL did not reconize Hex Fonts Good Luck
  8. Hello, I'm using 1.23 without any probs except IM's. So i decided to try the 2.5.2 browser SL's and thats the one i cannot see Profiles or The SL home page in the side bar view...other pages that are in the window that pops up for the Profile.. they i can get to.
  9. Thank you for the info Peewee i updated the flash and Java.. still a Failed handshake... other Pages come up in the same window.. Pages maybe preloaded i dont know But the home Page and Profiles are still no go Thank you for your help CapnJac Blazer
  10. Hello, 1st im sorry if this is a DBL Post...tried to post and ended up having to relog in. Any way...Im still getting the Famed ssl Handshake Failed when i try and see my Profile. I have already Logged in to SL's Home page using IE8 and even logged into my account, and i have in the SL browser 2.5.2 in preferences..cookies and java chked, i still cannot see any profiles or even the SL home page tab on the sidebar view :( any help would be appreciated :) Thank you CapnJac Blazer
  11. Hello, I'm getting the ssl Handshake Failed... I have tried the IE Cert..went thru the motions...also chkd the Java and cookies...even reinstalled the SL Browser. Still no luck in seeing mine or anybody elses Profiles. And i cant see the SL Home page in the pop-out Menu on the sidebar. Kinda Sucks never had probs with 1.23 :). Any help would be appreciated. Ty CapnJac Blazer
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