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  1. thanks, purchase was made in their store, not the MP. I'll go back and see if they have a re-delivery terminal. thanks!
  2. What is the process of either getting a refund ($1000 Lindens spent) or having the product delivered. It shows in my transaction history that I made the purchase. I sent the creator an IM and also a notecard. No response yet. I checked my inventory over and over, and the product just isn't there. What is my recourse, if any, is there if the creator does not communicate? thanks.
  3. Thank you Darren! I did just that and am in control again with my alt in charge! Great idea! I sent an invite as you suggested as a co-owner and yep! it worked.
  4. I finally got a reply from LL about one of my groups that I founded, and I am also listed as the Owner. There is only one owner listed and that is me. However, I am effectively not in my own group because I cannot edit it, nor can I send notices, nor can I eject or invite anyone to it. After filing a ticket with support, I received a reply 3 days later, saying since I am a basic member, I will not receive any support or advice on how to get my group back. I have to upgrade to premium first and then they may be able to help, but they did not guarantee a resolution. I was premium when I first s
  5. I'm using macBook Pro: mac os 10.6.8 I have not been able to log into SL using the LL client for about 4 weeks.. This has been happening for about 4 weeks, maybe more. When the LL client began crashing upon logging in, I began using Firestorm until it starting crashing also, and upon logging in. Both Linden's and Firestorm crashes when they get to "downloading clothing" then they say darn you've been logged out of SL. Tonight for the first time in 4 weeks, after the 3rd try getting in with the LL client, it worked. However, my friend's list will NOT load, nor will my groups list load. I
  6. I managed to get into SL and looked at my group, and I am listed as the founder, and the owner. THere is only one owner, and that is me. I cleared group cache as suggested, and I still am not able to edit the group at all. It is not editable. I filed a ticket with LL but do not hold out much hope for support from them. Thank you for your imput.
  7. I wanted to go in and change the text on one of the groups I founded. I founded it in 2007. It has over 400 members. I cannot get into the group to edit it. It still lists me as the owner. How can I get in? Any ideas? I cannot use Linden's client nor Phoenix. I am having to use Snow Globe just to be able to log in. Exodus works for me also but even on these viewers, I cannot edit my own group that I founded. I can edit other groups I founded, but not this one. It's very discouraging.
  8. After using both the SL client and the Phoenix Firestorm interchangebaly for a long while, suddenly about a month ago, I cannot log in with either one. Upon trying to log in, when it the viewer gets to downloading clothing, it says darn, you've been logged out of SL. I am down to using Snow Globe and Exodus, which each of these have their own set of user problems. My computer is a Macbook Pro, 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 GB 667 DDR2SDRAM. Does anyone have any ideas? I have cleared cache repeatedly, trashed the viewers, and reinstalled them to no avail. Linden labs said good luck when I fi
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