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  1. Well that just explains why so many of us are reluctant to use Jira. I've seen this before. The title was appropriate yet he claimed he couldn't understand or deal with the issues grouped together. They don't seem to care if their work helps the company they work for or costs it serious losses. Support said to file a Jira. You filed a Jira, we put our concerns there, and the response is that they don't understand, or can't use the information as presented. I thought the concepts would be simple to understand for anyone who actually uses the clients in world.
  2. Perrie I've added an entry that is rather long winded, but attempts to explain why these problems are so significant to end users and ultimately LL. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/CHUIBUG-60?
  3. Jenni Darkwatch: It doesn't work well for multi tasking the way most of us use SL. It would be appropriate for use for someone who chats all day ignoring the virtual world and not needing to do anything. I have steadily encouraged people to use V3 while everyone wanted to use alternate Viewers. This is the first time the V3 team has done anything to completely undermine it's users and popularity by creating something unusable.Right clicking on names? If I have the hub open, and the names collapsed so I can see half of the screen behind this big clunky communications hub there are no names. This interface forces people to choose between second life, and chat much like a android viewer for SL, NOT like an SL client most people want to do both at once. It's pointless to defend an attempt that was badly thought through. Improvements would be welcome, but they need to stop ignoring problems and fixing or taking away what people do like. The lack of a chat bar, horizontal tabs, interactions for individual user chats...These are all features that are constantly used for people who multi task in second life. what are we supposed to do all move over to an alternate viewer like firestorm because the LL viewer team just doesn't understand how most use the client?
  4. The new communication interface is pointless, useless, un-intuitive, and violates every common sense rule that should be used when dealing with a multi-tasking client. I am no longer able to pay, or teleport someone in the chat interface. To teleport them I have to go to the friend's list and profile, and then teleport them from there. This is a lot of clicking when it used to simply be in their IM which made sense. the Chat groupings are vertical on the left side, and all languages used in second life are horizontal. This means if you expand the tabs far enough to see names you've lost most of your screen and have no idea what is going on if you want to keep up with chat. If you intend for communicate to be left closed then why has the chat bar (simple text input without a full window) been removed? There is no longer even a notification when closed to tell you which chat or person sent you a new IM. These changes have destroyed the usefulness of the interface for productive users. The positive statements made about this new interface seem to be made by someone who never uses second life, and does not multi task or chat in second life other than in the most minimal ways. Regardless of who thought this was a good idea because of the the way the new features have been integrated, the entire communications hub needs to be scrapped and abandoned. It causes too many clicks and too much time to communicate. It's only an improvement for people who sit doing nothing all day and ignoring the virtual world to read chat.
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