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  1. On 5/22/2021 at 7:13 AM, Sister Nova said:

    With the revisions of the list that have taken place so far since the introduction of the name changes, I look at around six months being a general rule of thumb.

    Oh no...that's too long 💀

  2. I recently upgraded my PC, and I thought I'd finally be able to run ultra graphics on kind of "graphic heavy" sims. But it still runs very bad with shadows on. If I turn shadows off then it's all good.


    i7-8700 6core

    16gb ram (2x8 corsair 2400)

    gtx 1060 6gb


    So...? Does SL need an i9, 24gb+ ram, gtx 2080 to run smoothly?...It's a shame how badly optimized SL is, and it's going to stay like that forever because it's so old.

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