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  1. I have the same issue. New Alienware running Windows 10. Day 1. Can barely see the login box to see what I'm writing. There are also 5 blocks like column panels, as if the parts of the page are separating incorrectly. The login into is at the bottom of the left area, whereas the header is at the top of the middle area, with one small selection at the bottom of the right area. First login: chat bar is teensy. Upper bar/favorites goes all the way across in an extremely small font. The very top bar with Release 4.7.7 etc. is correctly sized.
  2. I am losing rewards and good credit history by being restricted to paypal. I spend a lot on land. There is no option to print a receipt. Whoever heard of a paypal transaction with no receipt option?!! Thanks. K
  3. TP'd far from home. Messages continued til I changed outfits. When I returned home, messages resumed. I didn't see an object with the stated name in inventory, though have some similar ones. I visited most of those, but the prim count is higher than described. Got SL viewer installed. Got chat object. The only info is the name of the owner, me. The Map, I believe, locates the owner, not the object. TP sends me to the very corner 0,0 of my island on someone else's parcel under water. Highlighting objects does not reveal any objects nearby. Flying up doesn't either. I've spent hours on this. I went into preferences and deselected showing script errors. At least I finally have some Peace. Found the object! Pretty much by chance. Took it into inventory. Re-rezzed it. When someone used it, it started the messages for a while, then stopped. Thanks! K
  4. "error opening file for writing: zlib1.dl" error message. unable to install new version.
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