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  1. Actually, I think it makes no sense to write more here, trying to reason with someone who is not able to separate fact from fiction, it makes no sense (Translated by Google, I do not speak English like no other speak my language) Realmente, yo pienso que no tiene sentido escribir mas aqui, intentar razonar con alguien que no es capaz de separar la realidad de la ficción, no tiene ningun sentido (Traduccion de Google, yo no hablo ingles igual que otros no hablan mi idioma)
  2. I'll just say that there are several systems of vampires, they do exactly the same, in the terms that your criticisms. I think you're not well informed, so my previous post, regardless of this, I think your attitude is almost insane, to discuss something, you, does not affect you at all, and can only be explained if there are other interests hidden (Translated by Google, I do not speak English, like others, do not speak my language) Solo te voy a decir que hay varios sistemas de vampiros, que hacen exactamente lo mismo, en los términos que tu criticas. Yo pienso que tú no estás bien infor
  3. yo hablo ingles tan bien, como tu hablas mi idioma lol
  4. This forum is fun, there are people concerned about this system, but the question is: If there are other systems that do the same, because only attack this ?. There are some hidden interest?
  5. Busco dos programadores-scripters para la creacion de un sistema de juego novedoso en Second Life
  6. Busco dos programadores-scripters para la creacion de un sistema de juego novedoso en Second Life
  7. It follows please is very fun :smileyvery-happy:
  8. then it is very clear what he seeks is to make a lot of noise to get the system to be expelled. That hidden agenda behind? Economic reasons ?. You never know, but then, it is best, ignore it, and speak what you want
  9. That most games use some topics vampire masquerade, does not mean that developers use in their entirety, they are always free adaptations These games and others, are part of the creative universe of the virtual world. If something really affect who's behind the computer, Second Life and it would have prohibited. But I still do not understand why you dislike this particular system. It is very simple if you do not like you ignore it, if something does not look like either, so I think you have another motivation to get the attention of everyone on this system I will not participate more in this,
  10. The First Tradition: The Masquerade Thou shall not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing such shall renounce thy claims of Blood. Many games or systems vampires in SL, apply the concept of the Masquerade and all who feel vampires, they respect. There are many websites where you can learn their meaning
  11. If you do that with a game would have to do it all, there are games that buy your land, others who come and kill you away, others it is their war scenario. If you think it's just one, I pieso you need to be better informed before you write here, because the only thing I see is your obsession, almost sickly against a game, and I really think you have a hidden interest in acting so
  12. It is very simple, the games are different and I like the vampire world. There are action games and other RP. One day playing football and other basketball -for example-
  13. I'm both, and other vampires systems . It is a crime ?. I use most hud vampire is in SL because SL is not only Progeny or Bloodines
  14. where can I get your book ?, be fun reading
  15. It seems that some have a special interest in discrediting SL games, which do not interfere at all in his life in this virtual world. I do not know if commercial or other interests, Register a UUID in a database does not affect anyone, it's just a statistic in a game that only affects players. There are already several games that they do, not only Progeny, and nobody cares about it. Because they care about this special?
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