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  1. http://www.slcapex.com/ This is the link to the stock exchange.
  2. I am looking for sales reps to help me start my brokerage. below I have listed the details. At the bottom i have provided my website. It is currently under construction so view with caution. I am still working out some kincs. Remeber IM me or write on the forum to apply. Job Description for Sales Representative As a sales rep for my brokerage firm your job will be to bring me clients who will invest their money with me. Note that this is not an easy job and it will be very hard to make a steady income being a sales rep. I will supply each sales rep with a notecard explaining my business to give to potential clients . Due to the small size of my business you will be working part time but it is my hope to expand and as the company grows. To apply to be a sales rep Im me inworld my name is kman cloquet . Payment All employees will start with 100L$ per successful client brought in. For the first 2 clients then if they are still employed they will get 200L$ per every successful lead. This will be hard because just because you bring in the costumer doesn't mean they will invest. When you talk to a potential customer and you refer them to contact me copy that chat said and send it to me via IM That is how you get paid I need proof you made the sale I hope you all will consider my offer and join me in making money in second life CEO of KC enterprise Kman cloquet secondlifebroker.blogspot.com
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