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  1. "I don't play any other virtual worlds but this one, and nothing close to 40 hours a week. What if people lie just to get the $25?" Thanks for responding. I fully expect there to be liars. Every questionnaire, no matter what the subject matter, tend to have people respond untruthfully. It is expected by all researchers. There are analyses that can (and will) be performed on the data to weed out these responses. One possible example (there are several tests), if most people respond to a question with "Strongly Agree" because they fit the behavior patterns of an addict, then if someone re
  2. "i have been using SL for nearly 9 years and have gone through periods where I have spent 100+ hours logged in, but to me SL is a platform to design, create and most importantly to earn money. When I am using SL I see it as work. It's enjoyable work but normally I would much rather be off wasting my time gaming." You raise a good point here. I am certain there are people that consider SL work. I have been an avid player of SL (though haven't played in a few months) and believe that most people are there to have fun and socialize. However, it is also an interesting aspect to see if people that
  3. "Took your survey. Seems slanted to other types of MMO's other than Second Life. Which by the way I haven't played any other MMO's in a LONG time. Anyway, you have some "questions" that are not questions. You're told to answer a certain way. Forgt to post a question there? " Thank you for taking the survey I looked back over the survey and personally I don't feel like it is slanted towards other types so much. My operational definition of an MMO is a persistent online world in which hundreds or thousands of players are playing together at the same time. Second Life fits that definition
  4. My name is Jeremy Hays and I am a graduate student working on my Master’s thesis at Middle Tennessee State University. I am currently working on a research project that will be used to develop an assessment scale for addictive behaviors linked to massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. I am seeking players that are over 18 years old and spend at least 40 hours per week playing MMO games. Please note that I am not using this scale to assess you in any way. Only an email address will be asked for as identifying information for this study. The email address will be used solely to contact the 5
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