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  1. I am so tired of havign to break the bad news to people that they have been defrauded of their L$ by a land scammer. Luckily it doens't happen that often to us since we are super aggressive about making sure there is a big warning message in the covenant, and watching for every land purchase in which the tier is not paid. But still when even one slips by me because it took me a whole hour to jump on and ban the scammer, it breaks my heart to have to be the bearer of bad news to the less savvy land purchaser who did not heed all the warning signs. What is worse is that these scammers often change their display name and profiles in an attempt to look like they are us, or work for us. And we have no way to protect against it. Every time we do something to try and prevent a future scam, they get smart, like a virus and change things up. We finally have had to resort to charging a full week of tier up front, though this makes things difficult for us and the land purchaser difficult for us in several ways. But we have had a few scammers still pull off a scam and rip people off on a land that has been paid for...I won't go into details how that was done, in case it gives ideas to scammers who havent figured that one out yet. IT is getting ridiculous. And all we can do is file abuse tickets and ban people. But that does not get the girl who got scammed her $70 back. It does not even get the account suspended rapidly enough. The person in question for todays scam has been reported to the landowners mega ban list multiple times recently and I am sure also reported to LL. How many abuse tickets does it take to freeze an account???? No matter what we do there will always be clever scammers out there figuring out a new way to scam people. Buyers must beware and we all must be obiedient little residents and file Abuse Reports. But LINDEN LAB HAS TO DO SOMETHING TOO! There needs to be some kind of RAPID RESPONSE ticket to file in cases of fraud!! Do abuse reports even do anything? Certatinly didn't help fast enough in this case. Right now the scammers avatar is still online and actively scamming people as we speak....and what can anyone do about it? Nothing because LL doesn't respond fast enough. Second Life is a place where real world laws can't really reach. Linden Lab has to step up and be responsible for the world they created. They have to make it harder for criminals not easier. Come on!
  2. 1/2 sim 7500 prims 9795L/week! Second Life Maps | Seven Angels
  3. Adult 1/2 sim! Get it before it's gone. Second Life Maps | Seven Angels Need something else? Go to SegarraEstates.com
  4. No Covenant, No babysitting. It's your land, we help when you need it, and stay out of the way the rest of the time. SegarraEstates.com
  5. Sometimes you pay money for land and wake up the next morning to find your landlord has disappeared in the dark of night, along with your land and your hard-earned Linden Dollars! Trust a business who knows how to take care of themselves, as well as their customers. Segarra Estates is here for you, and has been since 2007. Because we run our business as a business, we will be here for you tomorrow and the next day and next year. "As long as LL keeps letting us!" we like to say. Check out our land listings on our website: Segarra Estates
  6. 3 parcels available in Shadow Creek Adult Residential sim with a good long-term tenant mix No clubs, no obnoxious neighbor stuff Simple but effective covenant. 468 prims - Second Life Maps | Shadow Creek 468 prims - Second Life Maps | Shadow Creek 937 prims - Second Life Maps | Shadow Creek
  7. Segarra Estates takes care of all your needs. Try our No Covenant lands. You don't know what your missing!
  8. Wouldn't you give anything for an Estate which: Answered you ASAP when you IM'dListened when you had a problem, and came up with a good solution quicklyTook the time to find out what you need, what you want, and deliver thatYou could count on What if I told you there was an Estate like that? 90% of Segarra Estates residents are repeats and referrals. People recommend us to their friends and family. When they need more land, they come back to us. We have people paying FULL non-grandfathered prices on homesteads with us...just because they love us that much and would never give their business to anyone else. We care for our customers, and they love us to the ends of the Grid. Join the Segarra Family. It's big, but it's still a family
  9. It is always a pleasure to run Segarra Estates. Do you want to know why? Its the residents. We have a great bunch of residents. Always friendly and helpful to each other. It is truly one of the most rewarding things about owning an Estate in SL. If you are looking for land, and you are an awesome person, you will be in good company by joining our Segarra family. Checkout this sweet little corner piece: Second Life Maps | Aetheria Isle Or visit our website SegarraEstates.com
  10. Full Homestead sim all to yourself, EM rights and full control. Its your sim, we stay out of your hair. Only 7495L/wk We rarely have grandfathered homesteads come available, but today we do. Don't wait. It probably won't be there tomorrow. Second Life Maps | Kahuna Shore
  11. Our grandfathered homesteads almost never come available. So don't let this chance slip you by! Second Life Maps | Kahuna Shore perks: EM rights, no Covenant=no rules & no babysitting
  12. Second Life Maps | Manolo Mansion Segarra Estates is the best. You won't find another estate in SL that takes care of you like we will
  13. Come find out what real customer service is, and why most of our customers are repeats and referrals. We will be there for you and your needs, we will never hide from you We have a great half sim at a super price in Second Life Maps | Spring Breeze If that is not the land for you then check out our webpage SegarraEstates.com or IM estate owners Lizard Howl and Hottie Something for all your land needs.
  14. Why choose Segarra Estates to start your land business? 1. We have great rates on Full Prim Sims! 2. We have been renting full sims to business people such as yourself since 2007. We care about your success. We make it easier for you to do business not harder! 3. If there is one thing we know about, and love to share our knowledge about, its how to have succes in the SL land business. We don't guard our secrets jealously. Not only are we open to questions, but Lizard is publishing a tell all book which is in the middle of its IndieGoGo campaign currently, and ready to be published! 4. We take care of our people, and we will take care of you. So if you are ready to invest in your future and get your own full sim, contact Lizard Howl or Hottie Something today (IM us In World or check out contact page on our website for about a half dozen ways you can reach us)
  15. Well our last half sim went so fast that we decided to make a new one in: Second Life Maps | Spring Breeze And yes HAlf sim owners get EM rights for restarts in Segarra Estates Land. Get this one before it's gone!
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