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  1. I've tried taking off everything that is attached to me still happens - thankfully it is very random and only happens on rare occasion. Maybe I will just live with it. It does make for a good laugh at least when it happens. I just keep telling my husband I am alergic to him
  2. OK I have asked around to a few different people and no one seems to have heard of this problem before.  On occasion and completely randomly my AV will have a sneezing fit.  She sneezes, wipes her arm over her nose and rubs her nose with her hand along with the sneezing sound.  I don't get it.  It only happens once in a great while but when it does it does not stop.  I have tried to stop animating my AV and that doesn't work.  Generally I have to relog to get her to stop. No idea what could cause this and wondering if anyone else has had this problem since everyone I ask in world thinks I am loosing it
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