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  1. it's from Chronokit, methinks. http://chronokit.blogspot.com/2013/02/meshreleased-fabre-jacket.html
  2. my marketplace store SHOULD only have four listings currently, as i deleted/removed all the older listings for products i'm revamping. but my store shows an entire page of products with my old item names, with pictures that are not mine, and i cannot delete these listings. is there a way to have these listings removed?
  3. amazing. thank you so much!! *runs to download*
  4. now i'm getting an error that says the converted files were made in a newer version of daz and that i need to upgrade, rofl. oh well, thanks for the reply! perhaps i'll use slat or qavimator instead of daz.
  5. i'm basically a newb when it comes to making poses/animations, but.. i downloaded the most recent Daz Studio, version labeled as and uh, yeah.. when i load second life's avatar cr2 and obj files into Daz, this is what i get.. i don't see the full avatar, and i can't move the body parts that have disappeared. anyone know why this happened? :/
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