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  1. JOBS AT KINKY DREAMS CLUB Working at Kinky dreams as Host/dancer/striper/Escort will give you for the main host pole L$60 / hour, plus 100% tips (Kinky Dream is a non profit sim). We also hire hosts, managers and DJ. If you do it successfully, visitors may tip you, and you may start to strip. Some employees do up to L$2500 per day just for striping and lap-dance. Some of the employees do also Escorting, and get as much as L$4000 for one text escorting. As the club is taking 0% of your tips, your prices are totally free. You can get more tips, or have more fun using the private lapdance sofas upstairs or in the privates rooms. You have 2 love rooms upstairs, three private Free skyboxes, and a quality free dungeon, and in the future the will have many more themed FREE private skybox rooms. You will need good knowledge of English and ability to emote is necessary, and a human avatar. Please fill an application form at the Job Kiosk in the Club. Kinky Dreams Club, Freebies and Sandbox 
  2. Hi, I called Johannes Tigerpaw for marketing help and he was able to double our trafic in no time. I strongly recomend his Marketing expertise, he has been extremely helpfull and competent. He has a strong experience, and he is able to generate trafic with the things that proved to be sucesfull, so you don't waste time on costly and unefective solutions. His solutions are fast, easy, efficient and cost wise. Thank you
  3. LoveAngeL Lyre wrote: Hello Larry. It is not allowed to have two groups with the same name, even if one of them isn't active. You can the link Here I took the risk to disband my own group to change a letter in upercase because the game says a disbanded group is available for use after 48 h. I was mistaken by what the game said. If you have not corrected this error thats a problem, and i am victim of it. Thank you
  4. - I am familiar with SL since 2007. - The game says disbanded group are available after 48 h, if you have changed that you have to change the message as well, your fault. - There is still no explanation why support does not answer in 3 days, close the support then if it does not answer, it create false hopes and waste of time. - I will try my luck at "concierge", thanks for the advice
  5. SL say a group will be available again in 48 h, and i have to wait fot 1 year to get my group for my land ? Ridiculous I just want the game working as advertized, and the support to anwer, i dont think thats too much to ask.
  6. Hi, I have created a support case 3 days ago and got no answver. More than a week ago I created a group : Word1 word2, but decided i needed the word2 to start with uppercase. So I removed myself so it get deleted. But more than one week have passed and it is still totally impossible to create a new group with Word1 Word2 because SL says a group already exists with that name, wich is not true when you search for it it has been deleted. SL is saying a deleted group can be used again after 48 h, but it is not true as after one week it is still not usable. So I have two prolems : 1) how come support does not answer after 3 days ? 2) how come is it not possible so reuse a group name again after 1 week it has been deleted I bought a whole region with 15 000 prims for nothing, i cannot have my group for the land, so i gave linden a few thousand dollars for nothing, the game is not working as advertized, and linden does not even answer to me. This is extremely shocking. Thanks you
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