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  1. Gave phoenix a shot on my winxp box, but sadly it did not start at all even though install went fine. Basically translated to english it gave me this error: C:\programfiler\Phoenix Viewer\PhoenixViewer.exe "This program could not start because programconfiguration is wrong." and then tells me i should try to reinstall it
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I had a long break from second life and was surprised to see that feature missing. Didnt even know there was any working third party clients that could connect to official servers.
  3. This would work with third party software like iZ3D if they had not removed full screen mode.. You gotta love it when new versions are really a downgrade... I had a long break and came back to second life today and was disturbed by how this feature was removed from 2.x.
  4. Why was fullscreen mode removed?? This makes this game useless with software like for example iZ3D. Full screen was a feature i often used with old client, so why was it removed? I really hate how everything has to be dumbed down these days..
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