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  1. I joined SL in October 2007, with a friend from RL who had been in world once before but never got very far with it. We were the original noobs lol, after leaving the Welcome Island where you had to speak to the parrot and bounce a ball and so on, we were off into the grid with no clue what we were doing. But it was so much fun and I love those memories. Back then there was obviously no mesh, but no sculpties or anything else either. So hair was system, clothes were just baked layers, so were shoes! Or made from prims. We spent ages creating our shapes and look, freebie shopping, camping! 12L$
  2. Hello, I hope someone can help with an ongoing issue I have been having. When I explore around SL, if I go to a place that has prim grass/flowers etc, (as attached picture) the grass is lagging my computer to around 2-4 FPS. I literally only have this problem when I am walking through grass or flowers, otherwise I have very good FPS of between 30-50. The 2-4 FPS makes it impossible to move or explore, and also my stream/sounds crackle loudly and only relogging will fix it. This has been happening to me for a few months but lately it's gotten much worse, and I'm very sad about this as my hobby
  3. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I understand it is, if you PM with someone, and then that someone shares your PM's with a bunch of people in SL, or on the forums here, or even listens in on conversations and does the same, that's against ToS. But, if you were to say something to someone in PM that broke the ToS and they 'shared' it with LL by the way of an AR, that isn't breaking the ToS, because that is between the person making the AR and LL. The whole thing is kept pretty anonymous and even the person who reported you will not be told the outcome by LL. You have t
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