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  1. I know what "home" is, I just don't want people setting it for "home" for them since that seems not to respect my TP landing point (they appear in my living room rather than my yard).
  2. No, the person specifically had it set to "home" and I really don't want anybody doing that. I'm okay with people teleporting there (I have a Landing Point set). I just don't want people setting it to Home. I don't want strangers not showing up, I want nobody setting my parcel to "home". That's why I asked about blocking people from setting my parcel to "home".
  3. I don't want to allow other avatars to set my parcel of mainland land to "home"- how do I block people other than me from doing that? I can't find an option for that. I own the parcel and it is in Pogon. Thanks!
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