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  1. Cool thread Unklebob, good for new users too, if it really heats up

    So many great things to do in SL but exploring is definitely a fun pastime

    Props to followme... "Show and Tell" at Lummerland is excellent. Often cutting edge design and a great way to 'showcase' a build. Plus, lots of different levels of expertise, which again is great for those just starting out (in the building journey that is).

    Agree with many of the suggestions here: "Apollo Gardens" is a 'must-see'

    Here's one I'm not sure is so familiar but one of my absolute 'Top Ten':

    "The Far Away" by AM Radio


    Infact, anything by IDIA (check AM's picks) is absolutely awesome. Almost feel like 'not telling' because they're so special and in a way it would be sad to see crowds there (go, and you'll see what I mean) but they should be supported.


    Also, Immersiva by Bryn Oh is on my TT list too

  2. Hi Drew, I encountered the same problem. On closer inspection of the release notes I found that the new version is only supported on Intel, not IBM CPUs. I suspect you are running a Power PC as I do. Makes no difference what other specs meet the listed criteria or what OS you're running: I'm running 10.5.8, it's a no go for us I'm afraid  I thought it might work in another environment, I tried X11 but it didn't work.

    Perhaps some one else has a solution for us.

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    Harris.McCallen wrote:


    There are two reasons. One, that it makes tracking easier, has already been answered. The other reason has been around a few years and has nothing to do with the new "roadmap" being discussed. Simply, the reason is that you can't use the "Deliver as Gift" option with FREE items. Obviously selling an item at 1L$ has little to do with greed or squeezing every possible bit of money out of an item, as the actual value of 1L$ to a seller, is almost inconsequential.

    That said, merchants face a related problem by not pricing demo products at 0L$. Their work doesn't show up in the FREE ITEMS category and won't be discovered through random browsing.

    But the years-old reason for the 1L$ pricing on demos, is simply to unlock the "Deliver as Gift" option. It allows you to shop and purchase items for a friend.

    Amusing rational A+ for effort. My friends love to receive demo items as gifts to further clutter their inventories??? Nup. If your rationale is serious, as a merchant I think you need to better understand your customers and how they more usually shop. Most people I know buy beautiful complete items as gifts for their friends and personally I have NEVER received a demo from a friend. Usual demo products are generally personal items that customers like to purchase themselves. If they're reluctant to pay your fees, you loose their custom AND the possibility that they'll consider buying a gift for a friend. If some one wants a friend to test one of your products, it's likely they'll pass a landmark and invite them to come and look for themselves. The landmark is likewise a free item that could potentially increase your traffic. Though in the interests of tracking, perhaps there’s a way to charge a buck for these too.


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