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  1. Ok great! That helps a lot! Hopefully this will fix the issue that I am having! I'll need to learn a little bit more in order to do this correctly from the looks of it. Thank you very much! Are there any tips for exporting to .dae from blender that go beyond the 'check the second life box'. Any tricks or tips for optimizing?
  2. So, here is what I am doing. I created a black and white 2d circle. Converted it to a .svg file and imported it into blender 2.6 I extruded the object to make it 3d and converted it from curve to mesh. I exported to collada with secondlife selected so it would apply the built in fix. It imports into secondlife just fine. How can I make it smaller? I would like to use the circle in a earring creation however it doesn't allow me to get it small enough to do so. When I try adding a large object to the mesh export in order to make the circle object smaller, it makes the X and Y distances smaller, but the Z stays the same and I am stuck with a tiny X,Y size but the Z is thick and distorts the whole image. Any tips on exporting Tiny meshes for use with jewelry? Thank you in advance for your help!
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