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  1. Thank you to all 4 of you that respoded to my question. I was only asking to find out other peoples opinions so that I may evolve and understand why people charge for it. In doing this, I wouldn't think about it as being a bad thing - and therefore gladly pay what ever their affiliate cost is. To Chic: " lots of folks pick them up. Lots of folks that the original creator might not really want as an affiliate (let's say going back in time to 2006 style shops?). " This makes sence since you are not only selling products these days, but also a brand. And that is harder to keep as something possitve. "Of course I am not in favor of the whole process LOL; I would rather see the person making the items selling the items. If they want more exposure they can open up boutique shops themselves." I do agree with you about this, but... I do make original items and will have a room just for my stuff but I do really enjoy creating places for people to come to and enjoy and I use the affiliate vendors as a way to support these places. The main reason I have brought up this question now is that I just "treated" myself (and my S.O.) to a whole sim and I am busy creating the place for people to visit and not so much products to sell yet. As far as people using it to get discounts by thier alts: I am glad to say that I am honest enough to would have never thought of that on my own. (and you people that are doing that - what's wrong with you, geez) And thank you Amethyst for the great input on this one. Come payday I will add some extra $L to the list and pick up some of those vendors that charge. Thanks again and see you on the virtual side Lat
  2. One thing that has crossed my mind, and I really hope I am wrong about this, is that the cost is making up for the sales that the creator isn't getting from their customers. When I see some one asking for more than maybe $L1000 for their program, it really makes me think that maybe the items are not selling well for the creator. I hope it's not true, but it would be a way of making some $L I do agree with you about the showing of being serious. But you would think that just by buying the program (even if it's free) and taking the time to put it out, should do that. Oh and another reason I guess I don't get why they charge - If I am putting out their vendors, I am already paying - the tier for the prims that I am using for them in the first place. If there are any creators that are reading this that do charge - please give us the reason why. Inquireing minds want to know. BTW- If there is any creators that have an affiliate program that they want me to use, please send them to me. I am more than happy to give them a chance in my flea market. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Lat
  3. Hello and thank you for viewing and replying. I am a big time user of affiliate vendors for my places. What I have notices is that (what seems) more and more places charge $L 1000 to over $L 5000 for you to get their affiliate vendors. I realize that it is their product and I know they have a right to do it - I understand that part. What I wonder about is what are they getting out of it ? (besides the fee that they charge of course.) Can anyone explain this to me please ? Lat
  4. Thanks for the idea. I am going to check them out - they are in my shopping cart now. It sounds like a pretty simple system.
  5. If you have a product line of anything that fits on a woman and would like some help getting it to the public, send it to me. I am especially looking for affiliates that feature the following items. All types of clothing - mesh especially. Shoes / footwear - Especially the slim line Caspervend Vendors are perfered, others can be used. Even if all your things will fit into one vendor or a very large room full, I will be more than happy to display them. Where they will be displayed : Latatudes Flea Market (better knows and Latamiers Flea Market) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wendersley/170/144/22 I am creating a unique shopping experience and would like to share this opportunity with you. Questions ? Send me an IM / notecard or come talk to me in person. Looking forward to doing business with you. Lat
  6. Just wanting to hear from other business owners if there is any other way besides getting someone to join your group, to keep in touch with them. As you already know, we are only allowed 42 groups and once you have used them - you must trade out to get another. (if the LL gods are listening by chance - 1000 or so would be nice) I for one have been out of group spots for a while now. Is there any other way to keep in touch or keep track of the people that want to hear from you - or that supply you ? I have had this one company in particular, but it has been a while since I used thier service / item that I have forgotten their name and have lost the info in my inventory. Thanks, Lat
  7. Need a place to hang out with your friends or maybe make some new ones ? Come over to Latatudes. SLs newest hangout spot. Get your friends in on a game. We have Zilch (greedy), Cards Against Humanity, 5 Straight, Tripps, and U-know plus a few more. We also have bowling, whack a mole AND whack a NOOB, and skeeball. You can also show off your inner rock star, basketballer, DJ or dancing skills on one of our fun machines. Or get a prize from our dip wheel, slot machine, and other fun little games. And to top it all off - we have it all encased in a Womens Wear and Shoe Shop along with some of my (Lats) original creations. I have only mentioned a little bit of what is available. You should really come and see for yourself. So if you want something different, come to Latatudes and have some fun. Here is your free ticket there.
  8. I am looking for affiliate programs for my flea market. If you sell womans clothing and / or shoes, send your affiliate package to me along with a notecard full of details. I will also need a copy / mod version of your logo if you have one. Come see what I offer now and get the idea of how I plan to use your vendors. Here is the SLURL. Click on the teleporter and go to either the Womens Wear or Shoe Department. Of just feel free to wonder about the whole thing. I do NOT mix yours with any one elses. You will at least have your own wall - if you don't have very many. Or if you have tons - you may even get your own room. Thank you for your time, Lat
  9. Latamiers Flea Market is currently looking for some one to host and help advertise events. See our other forum post to get an idea of what we have at the flea market. To apply, just reply to this ad or send an IM or notecard to Latamier Longstaff. Come and check out the place too. Thank you, Lat
  10. There is a lot to see and do here. How about a short list for starters: Contest: Weirdest Profile Pic - 40$L for the winner with seond & third runner up prizes. Get your friends in on a game of Zilch (greedy), Cards Against Humanity, 5 Straight, Tripps, and U-know at one of our tables. We also have bowling, whack a mole AND whack a NOOB, and skeeball. You can also show off your inner rock star, basketballer, DJ or dancing skills on one of our fun machines. Or get a prize from our dip wheel, slot machine, and other fun little games. And to top it all off - we have it all encased in a Womens Wear and Shoe Shop along with some of my (Lats) original creations. So if you want something different, come to Latamiers Flea Market and have some fun. Here is an SLURL for you.
  11. Monti: I for one look for help on here. I spend all my SL time (time in world) either building or setting up a business. So this forum really helps because I can do it when I can't log in. If you talk to many builders, they will tell you that they probably don't know many people - they spend their time building. ( i know that I maybe actually spend time with less than 10 people in world). Not trying to start any drama.. just stating my point of view ...
  12. Are there events that you want to have but just don't have the the freedom or room to do them? We realize that if the club is of a certain genre then the events usually stay with that genre - and that is great. That is what makes a genre club an awesome place to be. Club Latatudes however isn't your normal kind of club. It is genre free. It is also free from a lot of rules that a lot of clubs have to have. We are looking for managers that can create events and help others with their event ideas Does this sound like something you would be interested in ? IM Latamier Longstaff for details. Come see the club.
  13. Great to hear.. I will be in world soon so let me know how much you want for one or 2... Thanks,
  14. Welcome to SL. I will IM you inworld. Lat
  15. Hello, welcome to SL. I will say hello inworld.. Lat
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