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  1. I have several years being a Premium member and I want to get my Premium home . They say something about my billing, can you explain me what is it about my billing ?
  2. Can I and my wife as Premium Members have only one land (hers plus mine) and only one house (it could be a little bigger than those given to Premium Members). I am already a Premium Member, my wife in Second Life wants to become a Premium Member. My name in SL is Tango Rotterssman and my wife in SL is Virginiana Resident
  3. My avatar (Tango Rotterssman) looks like a rose cloud, I have used Ctrl+Alt+R but it doesn't work anymore. On the other hand, before it became a cloud, it used to look like a naked female dwarf, and it is impossible to put clothes on it because a sign appears saying: CAN'T CHANGE APPEARANCE UNTIL CLOTHING AND SHAPE ARE LOADED. So, what can I do? But my main problem is that I can't enter to SL using the SL viewer and the Tango Rotterssman avatar which is a premium member. To log in I must use the Phoenix viewer; I have another account and with this same PC I can log in SL using SL viewer
  4. Please, I need to ask for help using the premium membership chat. How do I do?
  5. I just want to use the chat for Premium members. I have many problems to solve. Tango Rotterssman
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