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  1. It's fantastic that the world map now functions! But sadly, it seems that the very useful service provided by "http://www.subnova.com/secondlife/api/map.php?sim=" which provides a texture UUID for the target regionname is broken. Does anyone know of an alternate way to get this content? Or have any info regarding whether the subnova people will restore this service?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


  2. Since the anim that supports LookAt needs to NOT control the head or neck at all, are there any creators that sell such anims? And identify their product as such? I mean, sure, one can go to every possible store and try every possible pose stand. I've tried an awful lot and don't find it, so I'm wondering if anyone has found anything. @Emma, I looked on MP and didn't find the anim you mentioned... I'd be happy to check it out.



  3. Where can I find standing and sitting animations which preserve the "LookAt" feature... where you turn your head to look at whatever you've clicked on? I have some very old anims by Luth Brodie which allow LookAt, but anything new that I've tried blocks it completely. And I've really looked all over. No one even seems to mention the LookAt function, as if it was no longer important :(.

    I'd REALLY love to be able to breathe at the same time as looking at the person I'm talking to!


  4. I'm clipping Blush's quote above, with her emphases:

    This form is used to report to the IRS the gross proceeds earned from L$ sales transactions in a calendar year. Linden Lab is required to file this form for US residents who reach certain transaction thresholds. For U.S. residents with 200 or more L$ sale transactions with a total amount of gross proceeds in excess of $20,000 in a calendar year, we are required to file a Form 1099-K with the IRS reporting those transactions for that year.

    An L$ sale transaction is not the same as a "process credit" transaction.  An L$ sale transaction COULD be a goods or services sales transaction in SL (monthly tier paid to the merchant in L$s)... or it COULD be the sale of L$s on Lindex. But it is surely not a "process credit" transaction, whereby RL currency (in our case in US$s) is transferred from LL to our personal bank account or Paypal account. There are no L$s involved in "process credit".

    So perhaps the announcement refers only to L$s "Sold" on the Lindex in exchange for US$s. That's really an exchange transaction, but I guess you could call it a "Sell"... yes, they do on the Lindex, saying that you wish to "Sell L$s". But it could easily and also refer to sales made in world where L$s are the currency of sale. That's what 1099K forms are used for in RL. They are used by credit card companies, or "third party payment transactions", to report revenue flows to the IRS. I think its really on LL to clarify more thoroughly what they mean here.

    And, regardless. They have NOT issued 1099K forms before for L$ sale transactions. And it's the very clear message of the LL blog post that they will be issuing these for the 2018 tax season.

    I'm really with Luna and her CPA here. SL revenues are not "game tokens" (thank you Pamela). L$ is a real medium of exchange, albeit controlled by LL. All L$s we earn in SL are real income, in some cases in the hundreds of thousands of RL dollars per year, and could be taxed as real business income. No dispute about that. But expenses incurred in carrying on that business are real money as well. If LL proposes to report L$ sales to the IRS based on some currency valuation formula, they MUST also provide residents the means and tools to document our expenses as well, so that business transactions can be fairly reported. Unless this announcement is in regard ONLY to Lindex "Sell L$" transactions, where the supporting documents are entirely covered by the monthly "Statements" (entirely in US$s), I repeat the claim that LL has violated again the confidence of its customers.


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  5. Well, what you're saying makes perfect sense and is perfectly acceptable. But it sure doesn't read that way to me. In my experience, "cash out" has always meant the same as "process credit"... i.e. get cash out of LL. I can totally understand LL wishing to report "process credit" transactions, since they are transmitting funds to another person. But that's not what they say, and the verbiage really suggests otherwise.


  6. I read that, but it seems to me from looking at all the statements contained in the wiki, that they are referring to transactions other than those made on the Lindex. If it is only Lindex transactions which they are reporting, why didn't they say that? This is not clear. I'd be happy to be informed that it's only the transactions which are really US$ transactions (the exchange of L$s for US$s) which they are reporting...

  7. So LL will be sending 1099s, beginning with 2018. Not on your cash-outs, in US$s (if you are a US person), but on L$ transactions! The sum total of all your L$ transactions, in all of your avie accounts, will be reported, in the US, to the IRS. 


    ???? Where do they get the idea that they can document, convincingly, to the IRS the US$ value of EVERY L$ payment you have received? And along with that question... will LL now give us access to all our 2018 L$ EXPENSE transactions, along with a method for convincingly declaring the US$ value of those? So that... hey... fair is fair. A business is composed of INCOME and EXPENSES! LL is sending a 'convincing" 1099K to the IRS of the total of every payment you have received, but of course "not required" to provide the means to generate documentation for your expenses. So, while this new step will require MANY SL business owners to file the income and expenses of their SL business on a Schedule C, or, if they are lucky, on a LLC or corp tax return, they have NO way to convincingly document what those expenses were.

    Sorry... this is really another LL scam. No advance notice. Nothing to prompt business owners to retain monthly transaction logs. No mention of the mechanism by which L$s are translated into US$s (the IRS could care about L$s... they deal in US$s!). Once again, LL kicks its customers, especially the ones who generate most of the income for LL, in our collective faces. Shades of 2010 again.





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  8. This script is not used in objects for sale. It's used in buildings which I own to enable renters to change the inside textures. Nothing is actually transferred to the user of the script, and they don't see the UUID either. They can just change the designated faces to different textures.

  9. OK, now this is interesting. The solution was provided by the post by Xiija, who offered an opinion, and then oddly deleted it. But my email notifier caught it.

    Assuming everything is full perms, if a copy of the texture is in the content of the prim to which it is applied, llGetLinkPrimitiveParams will return the Name of the texture. If it is NOT in the content of that prim (not somewhere else in the linkset, but in the prim itself), it will return the UUID. At least, following up on Xiija's suggestion, every test I've been able to think of performing confirms this.

    Thank you  everyone for your thoughts on this!! And especially Xiija, who provided the solution.



  10. Comments are perfectly logical. I wish that is what I'm observing :(. In this project, I'm ONLY dealing with full perm textures, so your comments suggest that I should only get returned the UUID of the selected texture. But I observe that on one face the return parameter will be the UUID, while on another face the identical texture will return the Name. Proven identical, in fact, because I've used the UUID to actually apply that texture (via llSetLinkPrimitiveParams) to the second face. Once applied (not sure if ALWAYS, or just SOMETIMES), it returns its Name, not its UUID.

    Hovertip in the wiki says: "a texture in the inventory of the target prim or a UUID of a texturea texture in the inventory of the target prim or a UUID of a texturea texture in the inventory of the target prim or a UUID of a texture" (SIC!) Lord knows what that means....  It's apparently collected into a string variable, which is cast into a key if it contains a key, but I can't see how to force it to collect the key (or NULL_KEY).

    Total thanks for your speculation on this!





  11. I'm using llGetLinkPrimitiveParams , PRIM_TEXTURE to get the texture on a touched face. The wiki is a bit vague on what gets returned, saying either the texture UUID or the texture Name. Sadly, I find that this is exactly the case, that sometimes the function returns UUID and sometimes Name. Anyone have any idea what causes one or the other... and if there's anyway to force it to return the UUID? I find that this problem happens regardless of whether the texture is in Content or not, and sometimes when testing the identical face returns alternately the one or the other.

    Thanks for any advice on this.



  12. In this age of Alexa and Google Home, is anyone aware of a voice to IM solution for use in Second Life for those residents who are typing impaired? I have a number of folks in our communities who would dearly love to participate more, but who's typing skills are severely restricted, and where SL Voice is not an option for other reasons.


    Sudane Erato.........................................

  13. Does the engine which generates the graphic display support the new 21x9 format monitors displays (to fill the whole screen with content... no black bars)? I don't know whether this happens in the viewer (and therefore the viewer has to support the format) or if it happens prior to the viewer. Therefore, not sure where I should be asking this question.

    I don't want to think about getting a 21x9 monitor only to find that all I can get in SL is black bars on the sides cause its not supported.

    Thanks for any feedback about this.




  14. SLGo no longer seems to work from a PC. When launched, it just plays a silly promo video loop over and over, and never acesses SL. Does anyone know why they changed this?

    SLGo is very useful for those times I need access to SL from a computer that won't run SL by itself. It's worked fine before, but now there seems to be a new interface, and SL no longer launches.





  15. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is pressure for this. Marketplace apparently allows only one store per avatar account. If I have an entirely separate line of products, I'm out of luck in Marketplace.

    Is this correct, and has anyone heard any lobbying for allowing an avatar to have more than one store?





  16. From the Search project Viewer FAQ:

    "In addition, if you are listing a rental on a private estate, you need to set the parcel for sale. We recommend that you set the price as the weekly rental price, and disclose any other setup fees or deposits in the description."

    What does THAT mean!!?? Does this not mean that in fact the new search system cannot handle real "Rentals" on a private sim? If the parcel is bought, then it's no longer a rental.... duh....




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