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  1. Thanks. I was hoping for something a little more private than a sandbox haha but if I can't find anything I will give it a shot. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys so I am on and off SL lately due to traveling XD But I still pop on when I can! I know there are places where I can change etc but I dont have any of that info... I just need a place I can park my AV when in IMs and change, maybe rezz to unpack clothing etc. I would rent but I am not sure how much I will be able to be on when I start traveling again in a couple weeks to see renting right now... I also don't wanna ask any of my friends to crash at their place because most have roommates/families and I don't wanna interrupt their SL lives or make anything awkward lol Any help and tips (especially SLURL links) much appreciated! You can also reach me in world Blyss Marialla.
  3. Looking for a sim that does Horse RP (AVIs = real people RPing as horse). I participated in one years ago and it was so much fun but I am having a hard time finding one now. Prefer modern sims. I have seen some Wild West ones, and if I can't find a modern one I will look into it. OR if you are a horse and looking for some RP/an owner IM me in world. - Blyss Marialla.
  4. Hey guys!! As the title says, I am looking for a new family in SL now. It has been about 6 months since my last family. I was with that family for 8-9 years. I needed that time to get over my old family and start fresh on my own. It's a very long story, I loved my family but I guess they stopped loving me... So I left, of my own choice, because it just wasn't healthy for me anymore. Now I am ready to join a new, caring family that will last hopefully longer! Here are some key points I look for in a family! Now you don't have to meet ALL of them, but at least a couple 1. Semi RP - Meaning I like to RP but I also like to get to know the person behind the AV and become friends. We don't have to exchange RL contact info or anything but I think the best families are friends in SL too rather than just RPing a Family. With that being said, if you are my parents, even though we are friends, I still expect you to act like my parents and see me as your daughter. Not just friends. 2. I would like kind of a big family. I would like to have siblings and I would like to have grandparents, nieces nephews, aunts uncles etc. 3. Must be cool adopting at least 2 maybe 3 of my accounts. I have 4. I strongly believe in adopting the person behind the AV, not just the AV itself. I will share all of my accounts with you, I just ask you do the same. (I do not expect every one of my accounts to have a room. Don't worry HAHA) 4. I am not against bloodlines, in fact I have done it in the past but I don't want a family only together for bloodlines because lets face it, I am not as interested in it. If they had a witch option I would be down but as of now, I am bored of the Vampire and Lycan stuff. I know there are Angels and Demons and stuff now but I don't really know anything about it. 5. Family must be NON-JUDGMENTAL. I have friends that are LGBQT+ and I am sexualy fluid - meaning IDC what you are as long as your human . I also may have some "pets", as in people RPing as a Dog or a Horse. I don't judge anyone for what their SL looks like and I want a family that believes the same. Things to know about me: 1. I am mostly on my ADULT av. So I need parents cool with an adult kid. I have my own house and make my own money on my adult. I do want to adopt someday when I find the right partner. 2. I have a teen av that is currently a student at Woodcrest University until I find a better school where she can be 15-17. Must be willing to adopt her and have a room for her. She doesn't mind sharing with a sibling if they are a teen/young adult. 3. I have two more AVs I am not sure what I wanna do with yet. One is currently a toddler (I am no good at toddler play) and the other is 11. She was headed for hogwarts as a first year but I *might* switch and have my teen go back to 11 and do it instead. I am very indecisive haha. 4. I like to shop, take photos, explore, and occasionally club. Family outings like put put golf or bowling are always fun! Games are the best! I am a Harry Potter nerd and will mostly likely attend Hogwarts on one of my alts. 5. I do voice and I do type So its your preference I don't mind either. BUT I do have RL kiddos that can get kinda loud sometimes. 6. I am shy, even on SL. Large groups of people I do not know intimidate me but I try to take part and get to know them... usually haha... 7. My timezone doesn't change. Currently it is +1 SLT, when times change I will be the same time as SLT. Feel free to IM me in world! Blyss Marialla. My IMs cap, so if I am offline leave me a NC. Thank you!
  5. Hey guys! I am looking to fill my SL time RPing again! I am having a hard time finding any sims that are not Urban, GOR or Fantasy. Not into all that right now. Been there, done that. I want something new. I feel like I would be OK with GOR so long as there is RP, and any IC stays strictly IC. Such as if I were to start as a slave, I would not expect to be IMd ordering me back to the sim or to do something. Would strictly be for RP and IC ONLY. I heard there isn't much rp, just pretty much slaves and rape and just a bunch of raiding. For me, I am not very interested in just raiding. I get it though, and some raiding would be fun, Vikings and all! But there has to be more to it than that. I have also grown rather fond of the 15th-18th century and have actually been watching Outlander (AMAZING BTW) so something like that would be fun as well. Game of Thrones type sims are a maybe. I would have to really like the sim and people I would be RPing with. Even Viking era would be fun to RP. I do not really wanna do any modern RP. I get enough of that. Perhaps a post apocalyptic? That would be fun, even with zombies. No Fantasy. No elves, werewolves, vampires etc. Magick I am cool with, natural magick as it isn't fantasy, but no wizards and mages and crap like that. I have had enough of that. I know its a long shot, but anyone know of an RP place I may enjoy? Thanks!!
  6. Hey guys! Join us for our first ever Murder Mystery Event TONIGHT Saturday, November 23rd @ 8PM SLT! It is a Murder Mystery Party where each guest will take on the roles of different characters. At some point during the night, one of the guests will be "killed", and it is up to us to figure out who did it based on clues! Please come dressed in your best 1920's era outfit! It will make for one fun night!! See you then, Blyss http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Babiarz/35/244/999
  7. Thank you SO MUCH!! Works Perfectly!
  8. Seems simple enough. I am making an invitation that I would like the wearer to be able to flip over to see the back side after reading the front and then back again as many times as they like. I have been using this script, and many others that are similar (I have moved the PI in different spots for X, Y and Z axis to see if that's the problem.) Basically it works great when rezzed, but when worn as a HUD not so much. Am I missing something? rotation rRot; vector vAxis = <0.0,PI,0.0>; default { state_entry() { rRot = llEuler2Rot(vAxis); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llSetRot(rRot * llGetRot()); } }
  9. DON'T FORGET to join us for our FIRST EVER Halloween Bash at the Lexy Nexen Hangout! The fun starts TOMORROW Saturday, October 26th @ 8:00PM SLT!! Blyss will be hosting and DJ Goatman will be providing the tunes! Come hang out, dance and meet new friends! Bring your friends and your costume! There will be prizes for best costume! For more info on Lexy Nexen, check out her YouTube Channel See you tomorrow! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Babiarz/35/219/1560 Blyss:fleur_de_lis:
  10. Join us for our First Ever Halloween Bash at the Lexy Nexen Hangout on Saturday, October 26th @ 8:00PM SLT!! Blyss will be hosting and DJ Goatman will be providing the tunes! Come hang out, dance and meet new friends! Bring your friends and your costume! For more info on Lexy Nexen, check out her youtube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXC3e1eO6IMgnqM2WEewgHw See you then! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Babiarz/35/219/1560 Blyss⚜
  11. Hey there! I am looking for some more interesting RP. I am cool with dystopian, apocalypse etc. I have done supernatural and I am trying to steer clear of the vampire, werewolf etc for now. I am fine with a Zombie Apocalypse, that would be cool. Is there any out there? I saw a post from July saying one was being built but unsure if its still in the works? I am dying for some interesting RP and would love to make some new friends! Feel free to message me in world, or here. Thanks in advance!!
  12. Hey movie lovers! Join us for Movie Night on FRIDAY, Sept. 6th @ 6:00PM at The Lexy Nexen Hangout!! We will be watching Avengers: END GAME! Movie starts at 6:00PM so try to arrive early so you don't miss anything! For more info on Lexy Nexen, check out her youtube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXC3e1eO6IMgnqM2WEewgHw See you guys tonight! Blyss⚜ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Babiarz/24/224/999
  13. I have found a place but I am always open to new friends! Feel free to message me if your looking to make a friend!
  14. Looking for something FUN to do tonight? Interested in finding a new hang out with awesome new friends? You're in luck! I will be hosting Trivia Night at The Lexy Nexen Hangout! This weeks theme will be FOOD! If you have any questions, send me a message in-world (Blyss.Marialla) For more info on Lexy Nexen, check out her youtube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXC3e1eO6IMgnqM2WEewgHw Hope to see y'all there! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Babiarz/22/222/1498 ❤️ Blyss
  15. Want a fun job where you can make new friends, have a flexible schedule and have YOUR ideas taken into consideration? Hey! I am Blyss and I am the Manager for the Lexy Nexen Hangout! If you don't know who Lexy is, you're missing out! She's amazing! She is featured on Feedspot TOP 20 Second Life Youtube Channels! She created a hangout for people to come chill, hang out and play games whenever they want and meet new people. It is a relaxed environment, not a large club where people don't even talk! It is a friendly atmosphere, where everyone can feel comfortable to be themselves! I am looking for Hosts and DJs for planned events with the ability to create your own schedule! DJs - I am looking for experienced DJ's that can really read the crowd, and play requests in a timely manner! Hosts - I am looking for experienced Hosts that can really entertain everyone and also bring more people in during their shift! Hosts will work closely with DJ's and myself so great teamwork is a must. Voice capability is preferred but not required. These are TIP BASED positions with an occasional bonus for covering shifts. How much you make is on you in this up and coming hangout! If interested contact me in world for a quick application. Feel free to check out the Hangout! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Babiarz/58/244/995 Talk to ya soon! Blyss Marialla
  16. Hey! I am looking to make some more friends after being away from SL for a couple years and rather than renting my own lonely house, thought someone might be interested in a roommate? About me: I am female, 29, single(in SL) and live in the USA. I am on MST. SLT+1. I have a job in SL but it doesn't really take up much of my time. Most of my time is spent either creating things for my store, taking pictures in SL, or shopping (when I have the L$ haha!) I love all things supernatural. I like checking out new places and events going on with friends (when lag permits) and just hanging out. I love animals and have had horses before. Not sure what else to say... If you wanna get to know me or if you are looking for a roommate message me in-world. Blyss Marialla. Thanks! Blyss
  17. Join us for Trivia, Tuesday, September 3rd @ 6pm! Great opportunity to meet some new friends, mingle with some current friends and just have FUN!! Hope to see you there!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Babiarz/22/222/1498 ❤Blyss
  18. Hey guys! I have been away from SL for a while and am back now and was recently introduced to beYou! So far I love it! Because I was away for so long I lost most of my friends unfortunately. I am looking for some friends or a family that RP in a community (beYou community a plus!) I am working on adding items to my store, and will try to find a job in the community to help pay for rent (ROOMATES!!) but right now I am broke so can't help yet. This is my adult account, I also have a teen, a child and a toddler account. XD you dont have to be apart of them all but if you prefer a certain age I can def do that! Please don't respond here, please respond in SL. ALSO I love animals and wanna be a part of the animal career in beYou when it comes! I had horses RL so I am all about farm life!! Hope to talk to ya soon! ❤️
  19. I moved to the middle of nowhere and the fastest internet they offer me is 1mbps lite dsl or I can get 15mbps sattellite with up to a 30g cap... problem is we will watch netflix too. I know SL min requirements states that it does not suggest sattellite or wifi, but I have heard of ppl who do use it. I used to have 50mbps and I would lag and I heard something about if my internet was moving faster than my card could keep up it would cause lag. Idk if it is true or not. My video card is geforce 210. Not technically supported I think but it works and I will upgrade eventually, nothing too fancy though. Basically will 1mbps make it so I cant play SL at all, or make it unbearably slow? Might it actually improve performance cuz of my video card? Or would satellite internet be a better option even though it has a cap? Please help me figure this out, I only have a few days.
  20. I have a family but they aren't always on when I am... and my bestie only gets on once in a great while now... so I pretty much am on for a little bit then I get bored and get off cuz nobody is on! :matte-motes-not-even: I like to chill, talk, go to new places, dance, shop, RP... pretty much whatever - minus the sexual side of SL. I can be a dork sometimes and I love to laugh. I am 23 in RL, but age doesn't matter to me when it comes to friends. If you would like to be a new friend of mine IM me if I am online, friend me or NC me if I am not. THANKS!! :smileylol: .:ღ:. ჩlყʂʂ Åяiεѕ .:ღ:. (Blyss Marialla)
  21. I breed and sell fennux, which are breedable pets if you dont know. Fennux dig up recipes that people want so they can put the pieces of the recipes together to get a mystery Fennux. I have been selling my recipes on the MP for quite a while now with no issues. Today I found out they got flagged and marked as spam, and some of them were said to be in the wrong cateogry. i had them in the breedable pets category because they go with breedable pets, and I didn't know where else to put them. If i was wrong, I will put them somewhere else. My problem is them saying I was spamming. Recipes come in 1A 1B 1C 1D and 2A 2B 2C and 2D. I have multiple of each but they are not copyable so I have to make a seperate listing for them each to have them on MP, it does take up some time but they sell better on MP. So yes, I do have lisings for multiple 1C recipes (for example) all named the same because they are the same recipe, but I put that only 1 item is available, for EVERY recipe. So if I have 5 1C recipes, I have 5 1C recipes listed because they are not copyable by me. I do have permissions to sell them, you can ask any Fennux person, thats what you do with them usually, expecially if you are a breeder. I am not the creator therefore I cannot copy them allowing me to make only one listing. If there is somone I can talk to about this to get it resolved that would be great, if not I am just going to have to find somewhere to sell my recipes elsewhere. EDIT* this is what it said. Removed under ourMarketplace Listing Guidelinesfor Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices-Item Spam (multiple listings for the exact same item). If it is infact because some of my keywords were spam, which i dont think because if i remember corectly I just put recipe, fennux, 1a, 1b etc, crafting and that was it, how do i fix it so they can be listed again? or are they permanently removed so I have to reupload them all? Blyss Marialla .::PURE BLYSS::.
  22. Soo, A little about me. I am 23 in RL, I joined SL in 2009. I have RP'd Bloodlines and at a Hogwarts XD, and i want to get back into both of them. I love EVERYTHING supernatural XD except zombies.... I have a family, and they are amazing but I would really enjoy a partner!! I want somone who is ok with limiting our relationship to SL, I might talk about my RL sometimes and you are more than welcome to also, but our SL relationship stays in SL. I would prefer a family man, who wouldnt be afraid to be around my SL family, and maybe one who is looking to start a family with a woman. I recently became pregnant in SL on my own... which now that I think about it, I would have prefered to share the whole experience with someone, which I can always do if I find that special somone that would like to. I would also like somone who treats me with respect, is very kind, funny and above all else a gentleman. I am on usually between 8pm slt and 12pm slt. Throughout the day I am on sparatically depending on my RL schedule. Mondays and Thursdays is when I will most likely be on during the day. 8am slt at the earliest. Our online times have to be somwhat similar so we can spend time together. I would also like, if after we have known eachother for a while and we both feel comfortable, to get land and a house together so we can start growing our own branch of family. XD My family is very welcoming so if you already have a family, they will accept you and your family also, like a RL family would. I do not want somebody who is just looking for some of my "goods" lol I want someone who is serious about having a SL relationship. Please IM me or drop a notecard if I am offline with your name a lil about u and times you are usually on. My IM delivery gets capped so before you IM me make sure it says online, or I will never get it. There is also lots more about me on my profile and picks. XD Thanks for reading this and I hope somebody is interested. Blyss Marialla
  23. Need to sell fast so its listed at 1000L but I am definately willing to negotiate. Please IM or send a notecard to Blyss Marialla aka Blyss Firelyte if you would like more information and a tp :) not sure how to do that online... I will be on as much as possible cuz i need it sold before monday. :) If I do happen to be offline i will be back first thing the next morning. when im offline my messages get capped so please send a notecard if im offline even if you have sent an IM. Thanks for ur interest!! :) 351 prims Blyss
  24. I play a 15 yr av that attends hogwarts (mischief managed) and recently followed my mom through 5 different familys, before i realized it was her. Now i need a new family preferably who are into the whole harry potter thing and siblings that goto hogwarts, no necessary tho. Also I have been thinking about getting a petite av and becomeing a fairy! their so cute and small and i have meeroos, it would be fun. im open to anything, not just what i have written here. Most anything, trust me :) please IM me in world if interested. Blyss Marialla
  25. I dont care if its a big family or a small growing family, either one works. Preferably have a house to RP in with enough rooms for the children to have their own, whether sharing or not. I live in MST and can be on most of the day, most of the time. Things do come up where I have to go somewhere or do something, you know, RL stuff. Would be cool to goto a high school ^_^ IF your not looking for a teen I might do child, I would just have to save some L to get a new shape and everything. My regular av is and Adult, short like me hehe but an adult if you want to adopt an adult. I really dont care I just want a family and it would be fun to be a teen again hehe but I dont care if a teen is not wanted. Im interested in pretty much EVERYTHING, not kidding. Recently got into meeroos, their just so cute! I RP at Hogwarts too, so if your a family who RPs with your children at hogwarts that would be cool but NOT required. I could create a new character at HYS specifically for your family, I dont mind at all :D I used to do bloodlines, but it got boring with the Clan I was in, we did nothing but sit in whoevers living room for the day... so I kinda stopped commin on SL because it wasnt fun anymore. Im back and looking to meet a family again. Any type of family works for me because I am into EVERYTHING. Hope your interested :D You can reply or contact me in world, thats probably the easiest and quickest. Blyss Marialla
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