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  1. What would cause very low FPS (2.3), very high ping sim time (4.43ms), yet no packet loss? This problem started last November. It appears to be a comms problem i have only with SL. Thank you.
  2. Jonna, it's the v2 code, ANY v2 code, not just betas, and not just LL viewers, either. v2 code just does not like multi CPUs, duals or quads either. Of course this is a pure flaw on LLs part, as so many people are now on duals and quads, and is completely ridiculous. They are pushing everyone to go to v2, and it's STILL not ready for prime time!
  3. In the past couple weeks SL is sudenly making my CPU run at 70-100%.This has never been a problem for me before. I have double checked for virus, spyware, malware, etc and have none. My graphics driver is up to date. Does anyone have any ideas or help to offer? System Info: CPU is Intel D 3.40GHz Memory- 4gig OS- winXP service pack 3 Graphics- Nvidia GeForce 8400gs, driver 280.26 Viewer- Firestorm
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