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  1. Many thanks elleevelyn... my but I have a lot to learn! I will try and get something more functional together and post a better version for you, Quistess and/or anyone else kind enough to look it over... though I think to get to that point I am going to need to up my understanding a tad (or two or so). Still, if it was easy I guess it wouldn't be fun
  2. I didn't realize that either. There's a lot I don't know here. I'll have a go at fixing that too and many thank again Quistess!
  3. Thank you very muchQuistess. I will go and try that!
  4. I am not a scripter but worked on pockling this together some time ago. Have been out of SL for some time and would like to 'revive' it. The script simply aims to allow someone to click on a prim and 'sit' on it using a defined animation name. After the 'sit' has occurred the script listens and then collects two inputs from the avatar, a height and a building name, which it will use in the next part of the script which is not yet begun. The problem seems to be with the line: void handleBuildingSelection(string buildingName) But I cannot fathom why (however I am not working with many fathoms in in this area). If there are any other details that would be useful, please ask I am pretty much a stranger to coding generally. I have very limited time here the early part of this week, but I will endeavour to 'nip' in every hour or so and have a quick look and see if any kind soul can give me a 'push'. I would really like to finish this after my SL break. :) Any help gratefully received. I can't see quickly how to import a text file here, so I am thinking I should probably paste the script below: string animation = "animation name"; // name of built-in animation or animation in prim inventory integer sitHeight; // variable to store the sit height list buildingNames; // list to store the building names default { state_entry() { llSitTarget(<0.0, 0.0, 0.01>, ZERO_ROTATION); llSetSitText(llToUpper(animation)); llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_SIT); // Load building names from notecard buildingNames = llGetNotecardLine("building_names"); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { key sitter = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if (sitter != NULL_KEY) llRequestPermissions(sitter, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); else { if (llGetPermissions() & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) llStopAnimation(animation); llSetAlpha(1.0, ALL_SIDES); // show prim } } } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if (perm & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { llSetAlpha(0.0, ALL_SIDES); // hide prim llStartAnimation(animation); llStopAnimation("sit"); // Listen on channel 123 for sit height and building selection llListen(123, "", llGetOwner(), ""); } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { // Check if the message starts with "H:" if (llSubStringIndex(message, "H:") == 0) { // Parse the sit height value from the message string sitHeightString = llGetSubString(message, 2, -1); sitHeight = (integer)llList2String(llParseStringKeepNulls(sitHeightString, [" "], []), 0); // Display the sit height in local chat llOwnerSay("Sit Height: " + (string)sitHeight); } // Check if the message starts with "B:" else if (llSubStringIndex(message, "B:") == 0) { // Parse the building name value from the message string buildingName = llGetSubString(message, 2, -1); // Perform actions based on the selected building name handleBuildingSelection(buildingName); } } } void handleBuildingSelection(string buildingName) { // Find the corresponding building name in the list integer index = llListFindList(buildingNames, [buildingName]); // Check if the building name is found in the list if (index != -1) { // Perform actions based on the selected building string selectedBuilding = llList2String(buildingNames, index); llOwnerSay("Selected Building: " + selectedBuilding); } }
  5. Builder wanted to create and animate small customised room to fit in predefined space. I doubt it is a particularly difficult project for a good builder. Please reply here or contact me inworld. Thanks for reading :)
  6. Combat pilot required with a few hours free each week to fly RP sims. Interesting, sometimes lively, environment. Experience useful but very happy to welcome enthusiastic newcomer who is willing to learn the ropes gradually. Oh, and independent thought useful :) Contact me here, or better, send me an IM or note inworld. Thanks for reading.
  7. Thank you Kwakkelde and Madelaine!!! And sorry for being so tardy replying I had to take my eye off this project a while, but I am off to get a 128x128x512 megaprim.... the thought of tapering and slicing it is making my knees feel weak already! Thank you very much for the pointers, more as I progess... :>
  8. Thanks Madelaine, putting it on the inside of a cylindrer might work, Otherwise i need to find someone to make that sculptie for me!
  9. In fact yes, what about megaprims, they are bigger than the 64m, but also you still have the problem of the centres not being so far apart? I need an upgrade i think
  10. Yes, darn it, your math is good ! I suspected it might not be possible. I have a surround, and want to put a waterfall against it, it would look so good, and work in with a "river" theme in a certain way. After reading your reply (for which, thanks btw) i think perhaps its impossible. Or maybe if i could get the surround within 76m of the sim, but then i think it will be positioned badly in other areas. Hmmmm back to the drawing board i guess, maybe a special giant prim needs to be sculpted to make it possible?
  11. I want to position an exterior face of a prim, 64 metres square) about 150m off the edge of a sim, facing the sim. I have read the link rules, and played with megaprims, its rather like an IQ test, and i dont seem to be passing it :) Is this possible, and how would i go about doing it? With many thanks in advance!
  12. If I search the classified in Firestorm (not using the webseach) I can see it. But in official SL viewer or Firestrom, it does not appear in the listings, even if I search by keyword. And noone else is seeing it either I can be fairly certain, from classified statistics and as no TP's to the point from where the classified was 'published'. So central point.... if looking at classifieds from SL search, it doesn't appear, however you look, in either viewer. But in Firestorm, it will appear but only if you 'search' under the 'classifieds' tab. Never seen this before, any ideas welcome!
  13. We have been going since Christmas now and growing slowly. We are a little unusual perhaps and in no hurry, gradually the number of people who find us and think "at last!" increases... We don't rent out all our land as we keep some for our outdoors life and various activities, and we make sure our outdoors is beautifully Asian and very spectacular. You might not visit us and feel instantly at home, who knows? But before you spend your hard earned Linden $ it might be an idea to mosey over. We would love to meet you :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Asian%20Paradise/213/127/22
  14. We are looking for people who can hold a conversation, you know the sort of thing I am sure... listening when appropriate, moving the conversation along if someone else is not so good at it, filling awkward silences, leaving comfortable pauses be, being able to converse on a multitude of subjects (doesn't meean you need to be an expert in any of course, just interested enough to talk about them). The people we are looking for will be comfortable with, and interested in a wide variety of people from all walks of life; the "posh" sophisticate, the street talker, the person without good language skills, the incredibly articulate - and everything in between... all can be equally interesting, equally rewarding in the company of someone who can facilitate friendly communication. Thats it really :) If you have the gift for conversing, this is quite straightforward of course, but not all have the skill and passion for it, nothing wrong in that at all btw, we all have different strengths, we just need some people who are good at this, and of course, enjoy it. We don't need you to be incredibly witty, though you might be, you don't need to be in the habit of using very long words or have a huge vocabulary, though you might... we just need simple but effective, friendly communicators :) We are an Asian themed community sim, quite new, with a growing mixed community of people who like to be in a friendly place, with others. Come and have a look and see what you think, and if you are interested please IM me for a quiet chat. Look forward to hearing from you :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Asian%20Paradise/213/127/22
  15. I never really understood the Feed well and haven't used it myself, I should investigate and find out more, its a place you post snippets to all the people on your friend list? Looking at it now, if thats what it is, I start to understand, I must read a little more I hope the person who made it reads this, and if so - "Thanks for imagining and creating such an atmospheric, slightly magical and beautiful space!" And isn't a lighthouse, or similar, just so so appealing sometimes as we battle through the rl day, the peace, the sound of the gulls and a quietly boiling kettle on the stove, the smell of salt spary in the air, the steady undertones of the sea against the rock through the thick, safe lighthouse walls ... please excuse me I need to go and daydream somewhere a moment, possibly in a little virtual rock home somewhere Oh, and as I mentioned to Melita, worth watching the lovely little video on the Marketplace page for that item
  16. Now I just need to find a place to put it, and then I can sit in there while taking time out in SL or concentrating on something that baffles me, and the supply of mental challenges seems inexhaustible so far Btw, it's worth looking at the little video the seller has included on the Marketplace page for that rock-home, I think its nicely done, something else I might need to try and learn sometime
  17. I am sure many will be hanging on this thread by now hoping against hope that this mythical structure is found. And I just did, thanks in no small part, I suspect, to the renewed inspiration in my searching caused by these helpful posts, thank you all very much, sincerely appreciated! And after all that here is the offending building, if you re-read my original post you will see that my powers of observation are not exactly Holmesian, but I did get some things right, not really enough to give anyone much of a chance of finding it admittedly, but some https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Escapades-Mesh-Rock-Cabin-Beach/3091064 Thanks again !
  18. I looked through every one listed in those links, but it wasn't there, its not a lighthouse I think. However I did find a very nice and reasonably priced Asian offsim lighthouse I have a home for. Thank you https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/OFF-SIM-Japanese-Lighthouse/3414764
  19. It didn't surprise me somehow to see that he hadn't managed to shave Thanks, this has been an entertaining little thread
  20. It's beautiful, I am often amazed by the quality of many of the builds in SL, there are many incredibly creative people here, I have to settle for just being awed at what I find.... the time, the patience, the skill. Enough to make one feel slightly virtually inadequate, but at least I can buy one or two
  21. Thanks for that Melita, what a fascinating house, looks very cosy, and must have been verging on impossibly cosy raising 7 children there. Somehow, reading the article, I am not sure he wouldbe interested in an offer, a nice challenge for some SL architect though
  22. Thank you Kelli, it isn't in thats store but some lovely stuff there It was a sort of natural looking "rock-pillar" kind of thing, with a house or room in, Mesh I think, and in the "Feattured Items" for ages. Did i favorite it or bookmark it. Erm no, I thought it would always be there and now, if it is I can't find it Sincere thanks for posting, I continue my search, but though different, that "Castle Ruins Lodge" looks rather splendid
  23. I saw on Marketplace, often, over last few months an unusual home/house... A natural looking rock sort of irregular tower, the picture showed it by the sea, I think (not sure). It is made to look like a natural piece of rock, but inside is a small room I think. It might be this 'home' or room is visible when looking at it from the outside also, I don't remember the picture so well sadly... What I do remember is it looked striking and unusual, and was in the "Featured Items" section at the top for ages. I thought it had a red 'flash' on the picture advertising the price, not certain, I thought this might mean it was made by Nicollas Randt (who uses this sometimes), but doesn't appear in his store. Can I find it anywhere now I actually want to.... no! :) Any Help much appreciated, inworld IM or here is fine, and thanks !
  24. To communicate with existing Islanders, and explain who we are to potential new settlers. We are a new sim combining a very Asian themed and beautiful unspoilt landscape with a village community. We do this in a slightly unusual way, the only way we could think of which would work. Please visit us and see our Information display which explains things a little, and please contact me for further details. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Asian%20Paradise/216/130/22
  25. We are pleased to announce the opening of Tropical Asian Paradise, an Asian Community within a landscape inspired by the Tropical Asian highland regions of the real Asia. These are our only two reasons for making this precious little world: beauty and community. We have designed the region carefully to allow most of the sim to be a large unspoilt natural landscape, so that all can really enjoy Asian landscape and scenery and therefore have an outdoor life (without wandering through peoples gardens constantly :). At the same time our islanders can also live within a village community as a part of this same landscape. It took us quite a while to think how we might do this, we hope we got the answers, and the balance right. As well as parcels, we offer a number of condos, one reason for this is we hope to offer a place to everyone who feels at home here. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Asian%20Paradise/216/130/22
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