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  1. No had to be helped fromup above the issue got solve a few minute about posting this but for sake of info and not having people try thing that may or may not change anything ...inventory was not an issue ,avatar with more in inventory had and no of course first thing i tried then was to log in other régions ,basicly is the account itself that is blocked for a reason or other
  2. Hello i cant log in sl , unable to log in simulator ,few weeks ago i had same issue and it only got solved when i posted here for help ,which i thank those that saw and helped from the lindens above ..seem i have the same problem today ,mp login work fine and alt can log in so still same issue with main avatar that cant log in simulator ,saw in some past post some issue with paypal account or paying bills,had some old one that i removed ,hope it prevent problem from returning ...please those in power help me get back in my pixels ,thank you
  3. I can't log in my main account on sl after a crash ,internet and computer Wise all is fine i can log here or MP or even log in sl on alt so the problem is only toward my main account that can log anywhere else but inworld ,thank you in advance for the help and if Linden have to be the one to solve the problem hope it can get to them (basic account no live chat and all )
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