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  1. so my sl viewer used to run ok on my windows 7 but since i upgraded to windows 10 it doesnt work and says my video card is out of date. tried to update it and it says its running ok. baffled grrrr
  2. Veriable!!!! ty so much!!! now its working perfect!!
  3. ok so heres wots happening now, my friend has logged on with my avi, no problems, hes stripped me of HUD's attachments and clothes, bascially he reset me to default... i made an alt and logged on no problem and everything is working fine.... so i tried loggin on with my own avi and same thing happens.... i ran all systems tests and my pc is perfect.......anyone out there have any ideas wth is goin on??
  4. ok so i left laptop into repair shop, cost me £120 for extra RAM, some settings fixed and files repaired. got laptop back and was able to get on SL for a few hours, next day same stoopid problem. Left laptop back into shop, the guy finds no problems with it except SL. What the hell is going on?? I'm at the end of my tether and ready to give up on SL
  5. nuuuu that didnt work either...im at my wits end
  6. i was using snowglobe for about 6 months. Today i uninstalled it and tried SL normal viewer. Same thing happened. I'm totally baffled as ive ran a speedtest and its running an excellent rate so i know it isnt my connection
  7. nope that didn't work either. Going out of my mind!
  8. The blue screen only comes up on my SL window not my computer. Everything else runs ok on laptop just not SL so im not sure if its my hardware. All my graphix down as low as they can go. I'm a heavy SL user so i'm worried i've burnt it out
  9. Please can someone help! Every time i log on the loading bar gets to the end and then it drops saying "downloading clothing" then all i get is a blue screen. i speak to friends on MSN and they said they see me go on and offline. I've tried everything from virus scans, adaware scans, updating all my drivers and reinstalling my viewer. After 5 hrs of trying today i finally got on for about an hour before crashing and have had the same problem. This is driving me crazy. I run SL from a laptop. Bit laggy but nothing i can't handle. Now I'm worried its a hardware problem! Anyone out there can help?
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