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  1. The question about compensation was a valid one, even if expressed in rather greedy terms for SL! I've participated in a couple of studies for Loyola Marymount University, and received a stipend which, although not lavish, was entirely disposeable income, and let me invest in a few luxuries I enjoyed the interview, and got some shopping cash, and apparently the university considered it good bargain as it was less than they normally have to pay for guinea pigs! This is for an upcoming survey.. in the past I've received 2000L... I suppose the market value has dropped! One of the unique components of his study is the way Gilbert will reimburse subjects. Usually a researcher would pay test subjects a small fee for their time, but for this study Gilbert will pay participants 1,000 Linden dollars, the virtual currency used in Second Life and the equivalent of four U.S. dollars, making this sort of compelling research much more affordable and accessible for our professors. At any rate .. sign me up! My social circle seems to have shrunk lately so what better way can I waste my time than contributing to the education of cyber geeks
  2. Not sure about the groups.. but that tp issue sounds familiar! By any chance do you have a Radeon graphics card? SL seems to hate them.. it sure hates mine!
  3. Check your group memberships. If you are in one and assigned to a role that has the capability to "pay group liabilities and receive group dividends" this will happen. Members in a Role with this Ability will automatically pay group liabilities and receive group dividends. This means they will receive a portion of group-owned land sales which are distributed daily, as well as contribute towards things like parcel listing fees. Group owners are often careless with their settings and this can have interesting ramifications. When I first came on SL, with a different account, I had quite a windfall due to this when a group with assets was dissolved, and being a newbie I had no idea what to do about it or who to give it back to! For such a small amount, it's likely that this linden went towards a listing fee.
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